Aug 20, 2015

Banking trap.

Mostly people nowadays have own their back account. And of course they go to bank in certain period to manage their financial. So do I, just went there for claiming of my atm card that couldn't working. It was one of big national banks in Indonesia. The service supposedly better than others. As usual, the security welcome me so well and gave a complaining form to fulfill, then he ushered me to a table with two women sat on. At first I didn't have any other expectation, they were just customer services who one of them was younger perhaps she still under training. I filled the form and told them about my problem. The older woman asked my identity card, of course I thought she worked on my problem, while the other told me about insurance program which I've already told her that I knew that. Really I was not interested but I kept listening as an appreciate of her job. I felt a little bit uncomfortable because she asked me several private information which all her questions had no relation with my problem. It was really took my time quite long and I was in busy.

After I told for few times that I would considered about the offer, they gave back my identity card, and then they just told me to move to other table. Then I was like what was she doing with my identity card if she didn't solve my problem. So it was really a trap. They were from an insurance. Because they didn't do anything about my complain. But when I asked them is the offer are product from the bank it self, she was just yes. So I was still thinking they both the customer services. But finally I knew it was wrong expectation.

Then I just have to start over explaining my problem to their real customer service. And I didn't have any idea about what the women will do with my data. It's okay if they only want to offer me about the insurance, but nowadays some unlucky customer were registered to some insurance or other programs that they didn't notice just because this banking trap. And I deplore much about the liar she was telling me even after I asked her to confirm, and her answered was still doesn't make sense. I wasted my time for something unimportant like this.

Well it is not the first time I got offer about insurance, and all were fine. But for stealing identity card information like this is just this time. So be careful ladies!



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