Jul 27, 2013

Last afternoon cooking time

These all raw ingredients turned into western dishes by me and my girls, Melinda and Melina, at cooking time with our great talented Chef Vica yesterday. In western food they oftentimes use something creamy and made from milk.

Prepared to fillet the chicken and did the one of the crucial part, spread the seasoning in order to give more taste to the chicken itself.

Me and Melinda while prepare the chicken schnitzel before fried it.

And we made the mushroom cream sauce for serving with the chicken schnitzel.
Apologize for the uncompleted photos of all steps, even we was busy to take picture for the other menu which is Chicken cordon bleu. And I can't make a good narration for introducing the steps of dishes that we've already cooked.

And voila....



LONGAN TEA , tea mixed with longan, nata de coco, and basil seed.

Perhaps it could be an inspiration for you.
What a perfect choice menus for dinner which cooked by yourself :)


Jul 24, 2013

Moments at Vica's birthday this year

As you know one of my besties has turning 19 recently. And with several girls, we made a birthday surprised. That time only me and Shierly in this hometown, Melina was researched, and Evelyn still in abroad when Vica back from her Middle East trip. Shierly had an idea to deceive her by saying she was in Surabaya with me for necessary stuff. And Vica just believed it, guess that she was frustrating that loneliness of her. And the late morning in the day she turning 19 we went to her house! Thanks for Ko Nikki, Vica's brother, who helped us for this surprise :)

A dinner in her house to grateful for blessing of God who give her and his brother age, health and prosperous. Yeah, their birthday date just so close, only four days different!

As usual, my favorite items : skirt and clutch
Neon sleeve top : Neu' Mor, Sogo / Skirt : Gaudi / Clutch : GUESS

Here's the fact about Shierly, she is a cheerful girl who always hug with her leg too.
It just a SUPER HUG that most people want.



Jul 15, 2013

Bye bye Finn

I am not crazy with an American TV shows Glee, but I was. Even at the first season I literally re-watch again again. The way Mr. Will, their brilliant teacher, teaching about life, motivating, till the re-sing songs. The first episode in first season start with a background song Don't Stop Believing, an adorable old song. And that was the first time I know Cory Monteith who play Finn Hudson. His polite smile just makes me admire him yet. I was in high school and talked about Glee with Melinda who loves Puck. But Evelyn was in my side, she loves Finn too. And today that TV shows has already came in four seasons, in spite of I just watch for the first two seasons. But Finn still be one of actors that I admire the most.

In both at his real life and tv shows, he has a relationship with Lea Michele who play Rachel. They both just sweet couple, and match each other. Moreover, they oftentimes matched as a couple for duet. And my one and only they best song is Don't stop believing.

And this my favorite song when he appear in Glee first season singing Can't fight this feeling while took a bath after football practice then Mr Will heard, thus he became a member of Glee.

And yesterday the news out said that this Canadian actor was found dead in his hotel room in Canada. First I thought it was a joke, then I googled for, and it was true. We all can't hear his pretty voice, and watch him in Glee anymore. Deep inside me, I do regret not continuing watch the third and fourth season of Glee, and keep watching and listening him. In fact it's true, that we can't predict people life. Now only pray we can do. I now Gleeks worldwide are in condole, so do I. Many of you probably thought "How can he leaves without saying goodbye?" , alright it sounds really dramatic. He has already passed away no longer, just Good Bye Finn.

images from various source

Rest in Peace Cory Monteith


Jul 12, 2013


Being casual with feminine touchy look by adding a floppy hat. Honestly, sometimes I'm not comfort to wear a tee out without something feminine touch, it just too casual. Perhaps this time I come forth in different style. Instead there still be a little feminine touch, but for my style, I have two words to describe this style, very casual. As you knows, people still interested with boyish items, such as boyfriend denim, cap, military booties, and so on. Therefore I decided to pick one for me, and I looked for the booties like military or sneakers. But they just give a weird-look on me, till I found this cute shoes at Gosh store. Canvas shoes with medium heel, simply to bind, and comfort to wear daily. The most important thing is the shoe are compatible with my style. How about the toy? I just found all my old love boxes, and the telescope is my brother's. FYI that's really a real telescope for seeing the far object! This long holiday sometimes makes me bore, that's why I opened up my old toy boxes. Oh by the way, that tiny cute doraemon has own instagaram account, just click here.

Floppy Hat - LM for Hardware
T shirt - Jakarta Fair 2013 official merchandise
Hosiery - N.Y.L.A
Shoes - GOSH
Toy - random

Jul 11, 2013

Calais artisan bubble tea & coffee

So I was cleaning up my note book from unimportant and unusable files, this what I found. Photos when I sat a while and enjoyed iced tea at Calais artisan bubble tea & coffee located at Grand City Surabaya. It's one of cozy places to relax and gathering. They offer kinds of tea and coffee complete with topping such as bubble or jelly in various flavors. Moreover the unique things is you can play with paper mustache, bowler hat, round glasses, and cane which available there. And just do a little visit soon :)

Jul 8, 2013

20th old Tiwi!

Tralalaaa this post should be very fun than my other posts, and my first post using some sentences in Indonesian. It's about me and my institute-mate, Intan Pratiwi which known as TIWI! And today she is turning twenty. I can believe she has already come to a point where she is not teenager anymore, her age is starting with number '2', but it will be happen to people too, so do I. At least she is mature enough to be a tweenies, she has a great soft skill inside, hard worker, responsible, and a great leader, also great big sister to me :)
ah feel like wanna hug her right now! Looking back to two years behind, I met Intan at my institute, she is the one of institute-mates who close to me, from fresh men orientation until now.
Here it is, photo set of us, from first semester into the latest one...

*note : the photos are no filter

Let me tell about her generally, in daily I usually call her by "Katiw" means that "Kakak Tiwi", some a special sweet nickname that I made with love. And people starting to call her it too, sometimes like I'm a trendsetter for friend's sweet name. 

Intan such a funny person, and 50:50! In some situations, she is very seriously even become an anger ladies but in the other she is a super duper great sissyyy, an understanding person completed with kind heart. Also she has her own style like "apaan sih lo kutil?" , "duh gua pusing nih, cape cape", and the MOST FAMOUS SENTENCES are :

udah gue bilang, semua orang itu munafik, tapi kita harus menjadi yang paling nggak munafik. Aku juga munafik, tapi aku juga mencoba buat yang paling nggak munafik.
Intan Pratiwi

Alright, if someone asked me to describe her in two words I would said that SUPER WOMAN or WONDER WOMAN. I know that there are millions women like that, but I've already found mine, my own Super Woman, Intan Pratiwi.

At "Malam Keakraban Teknik Perkapalan 2013".

At "Centerline 1st Anniversary night", more on here

And I'm not the first person to give her birthday utterance, I wanna be the last to still remembered by her. And I love you wholeheartedly sissssyyyyy :)



Jul 7, 2013

Forbidden Love

This photoshoot which taken in early 2013 at my hometown using concept about two girls which are in love. The birds each are totally different type of girl actually. Their love are forbidden. Combined with retro car and vintage outfit, we hoped to get a gorgeous result. And here they are, best shoot with no filters except blur effect :

Vica looks so boyish with the vintage denim jacket, Hard Rock t-shirt, ZARA black leather jegging, and military boots. And I was donning my bodycon skirt paired with The Tinsel Rack shirt and my favorite shoes from my personal shoes rack, ZARA nude pumps. Then I got a classy look instead.

Thanks again to the young photographer Nikki Hayashi who also made this brilliant concept. And of course my love ones, Julian Vica , the best partner in photo shoot. Anyway we did our own make up by our self, hope it brings a good result.

Clara : Tinsel & Rack Sleeve Top / Gaudi skirt / ZARA court shoes
Vica  : Hard Rock tee / ZARA black leather jegging / TOPMAN jeans jacket / Mom's booties

Jul 6, 2013

My Favorites from Minaj's Top Hits

Every girls love candies and all fancy colors. Some comes with patterns too, a great combination, and just adorable for its cuteness. I can admit it, I love them all. Since Nicki Minaj attack the world's playlist with her Super Bass and then other songs also follow to become hit, she's became my favorite. Her sense in fashion industry with her candy show concept, and her style with cotton candy hair, is one thing to notice. Imagine that a woman rapper is not as much as the man, according to her biography that I recently read on a web, she have a different style with other New Yorker rapper. One of her famous collaborations is the Viva Glam Lipstick with MAC cosmetic which reach high revenue.

Obviously I really love her, because she is difference. She has her own style, and fun! The fancy look really like Barbie. And here my favorites Nicki Minaj music videos, take a watch :

 1. Super Bass

2. Freedom , even mostly are in monochrome, but we still can see her Barbie style

3. The boys , collaborate with young rapper Cassie, this video shows candy colors, and totally fun

4. Va Va Voom

5. I'm Out , collavorate with Ciara

6. Turn Me On , collaborate with a famous disc jockey David Guetta

It's really not bored for me to listen again and again her songs. Another my favorites are Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever, and Masquarade. Check out them all guyss



Jul 4, 2013

Fun Rebellion

Messy hair, black outfit, and awkward face expression was in the concept for this photoshoot. It was so fun to move your body, like freedom comes. I love the make up, something tanning look of my skin. These photos are no filter, original from the camera. It's really a late post, I've taken the photoshoot at the end of last year anyway, and I still have others unpublished yet too.

Blazer - The Excecutive
Accecories - random
Top - (X).S.M.L
Short - Gaudi

Jul 2, 2013

Gatsby into Magnum Mini

Have you still remembered about the spectacular fashion in The Great Gatsby? Everybody absolutely feel so amaze when watch it, specially the party scene. The way they transform the 80-es fashion into the modern one, gorgeous and gorgeous. Seemed that nowadays it inspiring many fashion circle. One of fashion source from Indonesia, Fimela, team with Magnum mini and some of Indonesia stars such as Luna Maya, Olla Ramlan, and Raffi Ahmad come with a short video about the ice cream and spectacular fashion inspired from The Great Gatsby.