May 15, 2015


It was a brunch that I had days ago at ARTOTEL Surabaya's restaurant named ROCA. This hotel offers the uniqueness of art. Some of Indonesia's young artist were collaborated to bring their amazing creation to welcome the guests. One space that I loved is this spiral staircase. The graffiti and the window aside make it looks more fascinating. According to my friend who stay in Jakarta, she already visited Artotel Jakarta, and I'm curious about their rooftop bar. Perhaps I should plan to visit that kind of high floor place.

basic t-shirt STRADIVARIUS |  jilly pants by ROOM 25 | dream catcher necklace thrifted | sunnies by CALVIN KLEIN  flirting slippers by CHIARA FERRAGNI COLLECTION

Still, and yet, black and white is the combination that ruin my mind to bring them both into my daily wear outfit. I chose to combine a white basic tee with 7/8 black pants, then put a dreamcatcher necklace to get a casual effect. And that new slippers looks perfect match for a kind of simple look.

Hey it's me and my favorite doraemon Montchi !



May 12, 2015

Inside THEIR frames.

It was amazing to work with some of best photographers who also great igers based in Surabaya. Well, I have to say that I love everything from the concept until the result. They are such a humble people and also funny! Even I was not wearing a kind of heavy make up, even only eye make up, the result is breathtaking. Well, I'm really a person that don't love to put much make up. I just feel that it hurt my skin. So here I pick the favorites of mine.

The photos by Naufal Huda
I think he is good at making strong effect of colors. The photos look more alive than the actual.

The photos by Ida Ayu Farina,
well actually I've worked with this lady while ago. She always be the kindhearted and cheerful person. Inside her frames, I looked more feminine.

valara dress by The Little Closet

The photos by Bastian Najich,
he is one of wedding also adventure photographer in Surabaya. I love the way he bring the vintage effect to the photos.



May 4, 2015


I see the sun. The light is just too bright. I look closer then find something behind the light.
The emptiness of happiness. Far from the expectation, that the light is always be the magic of the darkness.
That space is covered by the joy which reflected by the saint eyes and beautiful smile on an ordinary face of human. There shall be a huge boundary of feelings, but the greater human personality the more it covered.
And that light is the best one that I feel to the bones and flow in my blood.
That light is the guidance of my life about facing the future and fight the fear.
That light is an inspiration of loving. Loving the people who dying of hopes.