Dec 8, 2015

Power of white.

ZARA shirt and jeans | GOSH t-strap sandals

As we all knew that Winter is coming, of course in four season countries, and it means that Christmas is near. Mostly places have already decorated their space in winter theme, like putting fake snowflakes, mistletoe, making their own Xmas tree and many more!
I was going out for lunch, and the weather was quite cloudy. I picked up my very simple attire like an oversized shirt with basic skinny jeans. Both were in white. I didn't mean to represent snow as it is winter or even Christmas, I just currently in love with something clean like white. Yes, if you read my post months behind, I was crazy with black then blue but this time is white. For sure those three are my favorite, sometimes grey included. This color is very simple but the strongest. It suitable for any occasions. Like it's easy adaptable with all conditions. At first I wanted to opt for heels but then ended up by opting for this t-strap sandals. I wanted to bring a casual look and very simple since it's only a dinner with friends.
Many of friends asked me about my hair. I brought messy for that look, just curled it and ruffled it using my hands. I keep my hair longer this time, even deep inside me I want to cut it in long bob style, but my boyfriend force me for longer one. And for makeup, smokey eye with glossy lip. As you see, my lip look thicker than usual.



Nov 25, 2015

Neither caramel brown nor black.

Calvin Klein sunnies | Ghais pashmina | The Little Closet valara dress | Christian Siriano pointy shoes

As you notice that the current season is Fall, shown in many stores displaying their Fall Collection. Actually here in Indonesia, we don't have Fall season, but what just happen right now is Rainy season. The similarity between both seasons are lower temperature and windy days. So I pick up some tips to keep neither warm nor fashionable at same time for Indonesians and other two seasons countries.

  1. Wear Thick and Midi Apparels
    • First thing you should know is how your body feel to the temperatures around. If you think you'll get freezing, you should wearing thicker clothes and fully cover up your body like wearing long sweater, long pants, etc. But sometimes for whom wants to still look fashionable, choosing midi items is a good option. Whether it is a midi dress or midi skirt that paired with long top.
  2. Choose Neutral Colors; Black, Caramel, Brown, Cream, Grey
    • To keep yourself update with the current trends, opt the right colors of apparel is important. As you can see that many international brands choose neutral colors for their Fall collection. The colors itself represent the mother nature color when it comes to Fall. Opt for black, caramel, brown, cream and grey. White is also a neutral color, but it more represent Spring and Summer. So it's better to combine it with darker color rather than wearing top to toe in white only.
  3. Wear Booties or Pointy Shoes
    • From ankle boots to upper knee boots, will bring edgy look. But if you don't have any booties or even you're not like them, you can opt for pointy shoes. It's simple but bring more stylish effect than a pumps.
  4. Bring Jacket, Scarf, Pashmina
    • In case your apparels doesn't quite enough to keep you warn, you can bring jacket, scarf, and pashmina too. Opt for one of them or even combine them like wear a scarf inside a leather jacket without fasten the zipper until top.
  5. Prepare Folded Umbrella or Rainy Coat
    • Anticipate the sudden rain by preparing a folded umbrella and rainy coat, whatever you prefer. It's minimize the risk of getting wet.
And for me, I created this look by mix and match items on my closet. My dress is an A-line sleeveless midi dress in black, and I chose a pashmina to cover up my sleeves by tying it in front. The shoes is a pointy leopard heels from Christian Siriano while my sunnies is from Calvin Klein with dark brown lense. 



Nov 23, 2015

Bond's Next Girl.

It's been quite so long for me not posting anything about daily look, except in my instagramI received this simple black t-shirt with some letters print from a local brand in Surabaya, the design, cutting, and it material really comfortable for daily look. It looked so casual, but I tried to pair it with wide leg pants for bringing an edgy yet glamour look. And I picked my nude court shoes, so the look is all in neutral colors top to toe.
By the way, I love my face on those photos, it glowing and a friend commented by saying I'm the next Bond's girl when I shared it on my instagram!



Nov 21, 2015

Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Topshop Holidays Collection 2015

Do you remember of two cute little girls who years back were coming up in TV serial titled Keeping Up with Kadarshian? They both are Kendall and Kylie Jenner, half-sister of the famous Kim Kadarshian from their mother Kris Jenner. Their father is Bruce Jenner who now a trans-woman named Caitlyn. Okay, we all knew that it is the kind of sad news, the couple were divorced. And as I follow watch this series since the early season, it's completely make me sad. Because I think that Bruce, now Caitlyn, is a good father for his blood-daughter also for his step childrens from Kris. But I prefer to discuss about these cute girls who now is turning into stunning ladies.

Topshop, one of fashion retailers worldwide, had made a collaboration with these Jenner sisters for their summer collection last June. And the collection was sold out fast. People really excited about those pieces also because of the figure of these Kim Kadarshian's youngest sisters. And still in same year, for this holidays collection, Topshop make collaboration again with these Jenner sisters.

Top : Kendall and Kylie with their parents, Bruce (now Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner.
Bottom : Kendall and Kylie with her dad, Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner.

This holidays collection was dominated with black color, knit, fur, leather, and abstract patterns to create an edgy look but also classy. From classic black mini dress with cut out at stomach area, to high neck black jumpsuit, to halter neck print dress with cut out, until combination leather jacket. Those items can resulting a look whatever you want according how you mix and match them. And for shoes, I think it is the season of booties, because it's fall season, and ballerine flat with strap to wrap your ankle. 

Lace up sweater dress, £55.

Cut out eyelet dress in print, £65.

Lace up bodysuit £40.

Silver leather skirt, £95.
Cut out high neck jumpsuit, £65.

The most popular sisters in social media because of their fashion sense is really suitable for Kendall and Kylie. Beside her daily style that has already captured by so many paparazzi, their natural talent in fashion industry is also great. And about the collection, have you visit the store to bring home several that match on your style? 



Nov 16, 2015

Favorite looks from VS Fashion Show 2015.

Finally the show that always been waiting for every year had already over, the Victoria Secret's fashion show. And it is really many girls dream for walking in the show and get their own wings! The show was held in New York City. There were many models walked for the show from my most favorite famous model from Kadarshian clan, Kendall Jenner, to Gigi Hadid then the VS angels for recent years, Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel, to Martha Hunt to Elsa Hosk then Constance Jablonski, and others. I think this year, there are many patterns of fabric, seems like influenced by beautiful peacock's fur pattern. More colorful, especially for the wings. 

Here I pick my favorite looks from the show:

THE FANTASY BRA this year was wearing by Lily Aldridge which called "fireworks". It design by Pascal Mouawad, who has been designing gorgeous stunning fantasy bra for the company since 2001,  and his team of designers. He explained, "It's definitely a fantasy to own a bra like that. It's an inspirational piece... it's made out of diamonds, colored stones, gold. It's a very unique piece."

Images :



Nov 10, 2015


This year, a famous fast-fashion clothing brand, H&M, collaborate with a haute couture fashion house, Balmain. People were excited and couldn't wait to shop the collection after they announced it campaign starring Kendall Jenner. They also publish a music video where Olivier Rousteing, Balmain Creative Director, also took part on it. Every piece of the collection is totally breathtaking. It dominated by satin, fur, jacquard, silk, sequin and pearl embroidery. 

Images by HM

I've already picked up my list to buy before it launched at Nov 5, 2015. But unfortunately, the collection is really rare, it is only sold at HM store Grand Indonesia in Jakarta. Since I still had some business here in Surabaya, I can't leave in weekdays. Then I planned to come at the weekend. According to some medias, it informed that people already queue a day before! Yes they wait since Nov 4, 2015 and in midnight there were long queue. And it's not happen only in Indonesia, but all over other countries! And surprisingly the collection sold out around 9000 pieces in about 4 hours at HM Grand Indonesia store. The collection must be the best seller of all collaboration that H&M have already did. I was hopeless, and quite sad. Because I have already loved some pieces, and since last year I can't get one of HM x Alexander Wang collection, though I flied to Kuala Lumpur. 

So here I want to share about the fashion show which held in New York. There were some supermodels walked in the show, like Kendall Jenner who was the first face, then Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, and many more. The music which similar that used on music video by Ferdinand & VAZ is so energetic and make a futuristic impression. 



Oct 18, 2015

Kedai Tua Baru

Located at Jalan Tegalsari, this retro-concept restaurant offers many kind of traditional foods with cheap price. Yes, for a kind of place like this, the price is relative cheap compare to another. At first, I didn't think it was as cheap as it was. The price range is between IDR 15-40k before 10% tax and 5% service charge. Well, it named Kedai Tua Baru. Scroll down to find out more about my experience there!

Chaca and I arranged a good brunch for us both. We were confused about deciding the place, and as usual we almost ended up for having western brunch until we found a review about Kedai Tua Baru.

We decided to stay at their outdoor area which it roof is made from glass and they provided air conditioning too. We love a brighter place for fun brunch.

Their indoor area rising the concept of pasar rakyat (traditional market), and they have open kitchen for several cuisines such as Gado-gado and Tahu Tek. This concept remembered me about the interior concept of Eat&Eat as I reviewed here.

Since we didn't ask any boy to come with us, we couldn't order any kind of foods like for tasting. Because our tummy don't have huge capacities like the boys have. So we ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang, Nasi Buntut, Ice tea, Ice Sinom, and Es Campur. Delicious!

I used to love black, and sometimes still but recently I bought clothes in blue. I love both colors perhaps. It's so hard to decide which I love the most between two options like that. I found this top at an indie clothing which only this item that made me get interested from those many others. Perhaps because the color. Paired with skinny blue jeans and pointy stilettos. By the way I gain more fat, OH NOOOO!!! I scared to weigh my body, really, skinny brings me more confidence. I realize this since I have two different sizes jeans which are size 22 and 24. Then I used to very comfort in size 22, and 24 was quite bigger. Then now, I feel size 24 is more comfortable even it is still a little bigger. Early 20es and perhaps my start changing, because decade of being 20 is the period of changing, both physically and mentally. 

My friend Chaca is so pretty!

That's my experience at Kedai Tua Baru. Even the taste of food not quite tasteful, but I recommend it for whoever looking for Indonesian food and great place.