Oct 18, 2015

Kedai Tua Baru

Located at Jalan Tegalsari, this retro-concept restaurant offers many kind of traditional foods with cheap price. Yes, for a kind of place like this, the price is relative cheap compare to another. At first, I didn't think it was as cheap as it was. The price range is between IDR 15-40k before 10% tax and 5% service charge. Well, it named Kedai Tua Baru. Scroll down to find out more about my experience there!

Chaca and I arranged a good brunch for us both. We were confused about deciding the place, and as usual we almost ended up for having western brunch until we found a review about Kedai Tua Baru.

We decided to stay at their outdoor area which it roof is made from glass and they provided air conditioning too. We love a brighter place for fun brunch.

Their indoor area rising the concept of pasar rakyat (traditional market), and they have open kitchen for several cuisines such as Gado-gado and Tahu Tek. This concept remembered me about the interior concept of Eat&Eat as I reviewed here.

Since we didn't ask any boy to come with us, we couldn't order any kind of foods like for tasting. Because our tummy don't have huge capacities like the boys have. So we ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang, Nasi Buntut, Ice tea, Ice Sinom, and Es Campur. Delicious!

I used to love black, and sometimes still but recently I bought clothes in blue. I love both colors perhaps. It's so hard to decide which I love the most between two options like that. I found this top at an indie clothing which only this item that made me get interested from those many others. Perhaps because the color. Paired with skinny blue jeans and pointy stilettos. By the way I gain more fat, OH NOOOO!!! I scared to weigh my body, really, skinny brings me more confidence. I realize this since I have two different sizes jeans which are size 22 and 24. Then I used to very comfort in size 22, and 24 was quite bigger. Then now, I feel size 24 is more comfortable even it is still a little bigger. Early 20es and perhaps my start changing, because decade of being 20 is the period of changing, both physically and mentally. 

My friend Chaca is so pretty!

That's my experience at Kedai Tua Baru. Even the taste of food not quite tasteful, but I recommend it for whoever looking for Indonesian food and great place.



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