Mar 31, 2013

Happy Passover!

God bless us



Mar 29, 2013

Happy 27th birthday Mama Monster!

An multi-talent American, Stefani Joanne Angelina, better known by her stage name Lady Gaga is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist.

And this march she is turning 27th. I assume that all Monster, her fans appellation, are crazy enough to celebrate it, something like make a video, birthday wishes notes and many more.
She is my favorite one. The woman who dare to make something difference in fashion industry. 


Mar 27, 2013

Lunch : Imperial Lamian

A Chinese food resto located at Tunjungan Plaza 4 level 5 Surabaya, Imperial Lamian. They offer many kinds of Chinese cuisine with pork or not. And the price is standard rate, not expensive for a serving of a cuisine. I was hanging out with a best friend about 4 pm, and we both only had brunch that day. So we decided to feed up our self with some cuisine.

Chinese traditional fried noddle with beef.

Fried shrimp with salted egg.

Tea pot with Chrysanthemum inside.

And the noodle was really long, just like long-life noodle!

And I'm so crazy with that snow ice! Tenderness and the taste is perfect sweetness.
Perhaps you should try it once. For the Jakarta-ers, you can go to Senayan City to find out this resto.

Mar 21, 2013


Floral again. Floppy hat and black colored dress. Walk down the path as a re-born young lady. Seems it backs to centuries ago, when women donned their big hat in the downtown and absolutely paired with their dress, it was on 60-es. Instead years behind, women donned the pannier dress with beautiful lace combination and many layers on, like which Keira Knightley donned at one her movie "The Duchess".

Floppy Hat - LM for HARDWARE
Dress - Etoile D'elfas
Shoes - ZARA

Mar 13, 2013

Lunch : Kirkos Bar & Restaurant

It was an early dinner or just a late lunch that day. Went out with two others, we chose Kirkos Bar & Restaurant at Ciputra World Surabaya for enjoying some delicious dishes and discussing many topics. The place was not quite busy, course it wasn't a time for feeding people self.

Full filled a friend of mine Starbucks KL edition glass with tacooooossssssss!!!!!

Brought my currently reading novel, Juliet by Anne Fortier, and the simple maroon tote bag from Mango. The bag is pretty enough to carry all my must-bring-belongings. Anyway, I suggest the book to be read, the story is great, the modern fictional history about Romeo and Juliet. And as you know it is one of the best seller books from New York times version and has already translated into 30 different language.

And the dishes are Tenderloin Steak, Chicken Steak, Traditional Fried Noodle with scramble egg, Tacos, New York style pizza (ps it is not like a round Italian pizza, just meat and mozzarella wrapped inside a layer), and chicken wings. Too much for three people, isn't it? Oh wait, you really need to notice the noodle, so delicious like I want to eat all the time! First, a friend of mine wanted to order that dishes, but me and the other one just doubted it, but when we tasted, it really completely delicious.

Cotton Candy Hair of Nicki Minaj

A Trinidadian-born American rapper, Nicki Minaj with her other talents, singer-songwriter and television personality makes a dynamic revolution in the collaboration of music and fashion industry. Looks spectacular with her colorful and fun style. There are many neon colors spread out on hair style, clothes, and her make up. Course I can't deny that is youthful and free. Her stage hair style mostly unique by combining difference colors into a cotton candy hair. Here some my favorites :

Course it's a new innovation of a woman rapper with colorful look beside her singing talent. Standing with many colors on super-tan skin for a 30 years woman is a work which really need a big self confidence, and she have it! Nicki Minaj is one who dare to make a spectacular changes in fashion-music industry nowadays.

I am thinking of Harajuku styles which using many colors, abstract concept, and everything can donned. But this American rapper has her well-organized concept, mix the neon colors to look gorgeous. From head to toe, there are colors and colors, but everything combine each other for the spectacular Minaj.

Images from various source.

Mar 12, 2013

MT's 19th birthday dinner

Melinda's 19th birthday dinner was held at one of Chinese Restaurants in Surabaya. 

Finally ended up with this black leather tote bag from ZARA S/S 2013 after considering many other goodies options that should we chose for her birthday gift.

And those are the birthday wishes notes each from three of us; Vica, Clara, and Melina.
Just please have a date with a high-dedicated charming dude Miss Beautiful!

Melinda Tanadi and Melina Tanadi.

Melinda Tanadi and me, Clara Yunita.

Melinda Tanadi and Julian Vica.

Oh we both donned our peplum apparel without any deal before. And I brought my new baby, a vintage leather bag from ALDO while Melinda brought her nude CHANEL chain bag. The night was so great and full of joy course. We prayed together for her new age so God will always bless her life and wished many wishes too. Then once again Happy Birthday Mellllllsssssss!!!!!

Clara Yunita
Melinda Tanadi
Julian Vica
Melina Tanadi

Mar 10, 2013

Happy 19th birthday Melinda Tanadi!


Once again, happy birthday baby girl Melinda Tanadi!
You're really such a skinny hot beautiful girl, one of God best creatures.
And be an influential dentist someday, be loved, long life and our true friendship still exist till the world end. I love you wholeheartedly.



Mar 9, 2013

Beside sincerity and plain, it could be shades

A great moment is when someone stay and care about. The most influential person is just a person who no longer make a good perception explanation about perfection in term of any conditions and accept the dispiritedness by an open-minded thought to somebody. Harsh step instead to make a continuous movement about disconcerting point, but then a favor always come in the perfect time not the right time. Universe told they heart to succor. That's the reason destiny forgot to give a true sister, because we found best friend who is sister by heart even though not by blood.

photographer : Nikki Hayashi
editor : Clara Yunita
partner : Julian Vica
apparel : floral printed top - Rusty / black bodycon skirt - Gaudi / black mini dress - Forever 21
location : Nikky Hayashi's mini studio