Aug 20, 2012

Black Gate

Top - Marks and Spencer Woman
Bag - GUESS by Marciano
Bottom - Lee Cooper
Shoes - Everbest

Photograhpy : Mutiarizd

Aug 17, 2012

17th of August


67th birthday of my country, Indonesia. 
As Indonesian, I should give more contribution for my nation. 
Hope of Indonesian realize how the patriots were struggling hard for
the Independence, and all of them will show their love by doing 
precious things for this precious nation.

Image : Google.

Aug 10, 2012

Sunglasses Hunt

Hunting for sunglasses with two besties of mine, Melina and Jenica. Perhaps it is too late to post it, but I love those photos, so I still post it even the hunt was on last June.
And tralalalaa we found the 'Gaga style'-sunglasses, unique!
Melina was wearing her navy blue shirt and black short, but Jenica was wearing her black sheer top and floral short. And I was wearing white top with short pairing with tribal print sheer batwing outer and brown pumps. Both photos of mine are taken by Jenica. What a fun time with those both pretty girls!

Aug 9, 2012


This is a couple of months after mid-year of 2012, and I think color blocking is still favorited.
Matching a color with another one which tone is difference.
But when the final-look come out is breathtaking.
I just explored LOOKBOOK and several fashion blogs, especially some which I read oftentimes, and found several photos about color blocking looks.

How about full color sweater paired with floral trousers and Prada shoes? Bryanboy, fashion blogger, really did it. Fascinating.

Diana Caitilin, fashion blogger, mixing pale sweater with blue shirt and magenta outer.

One of my favorites Indonesia Fashion Blogger, Anastasia Siantar. She combined red coat and yellow mini dress.

Lemon and tosca! By Anastasia Siantar.

Miroslava Duma in Christoper Kane Resort dress. Pretty dress!

So what do you think now? Ready for matching your several outfits with difference color and look fabulous?
It's time to check your closet :) :)

Source of images : , ,

Aug 8, 2012

Vera Wang's Love Struck Floral Rush Fragrance

New fragrance from Vera Wang, Love Stuck Floral Rush. This parfume is coming out this month.
And the face of this parfume ad campaign is Leighton Meester who play Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.
The photoshoot was located in a balcon, Leighton was wearing a floral-print gown designed by Vera Wang for this ad campaign with a bouquet of purple flower on her hand.

Images from several source using Google.

Aug 7, 2012


I went to a friend of mine residence last afternoon for SHS gathering. She has a really interesting terrace, the design are simple and antique. The wall, doorframe, and window sills are in white. Two chairs with a round table with antique design for the perfection of the space.

I was wearing my Mango basic white tee and pairing it with unbranded maxi tribal skirt.

Look, there's anchor printed on the button of my tee.

Old chair.

Khaki tribal maxi skirt.

I think I prefer wearing skirt last few weeks :)

Photography : Mutiarizd

Aug 6, 2012

When The Sun was Ready to Set

Late afternoon, the time when sun was ready to set.
The sky was getting redness.

Wooden path on the beach front.

Black chiffon top and blue jeans short.

Chocolate cake and CHANEL sunnies.

Jenica's nude handbag from PRADA.

My fabulous girl, Jenica. Best friend forever.

It was a super afternoon I've spend with my girl few days ago. We enjoy the moment when we heard the noise of waves, the softly of sand, how wind ruin our hair, and absolutely the sunset. We went to a new boutique resort in Senggigi Beach, and the place was quite relaxing. By the way, I love the way when sunlight bring extra effect to several photos, the skin look tan!

Top - Black Chiffon Cut Off
Glasses - CHANEL
Short - Levi's

Photography : Me and Jenica Susanto

Aug 2, 2012


Many freeday, sometimes I need it, but when it comes too many, it make me bored.
Feel like unemployment. In fact, I'm a colleger who has many assignment in usual, then holiday come and make a little changes.
And beach again and again. But it's incredible :)
Really my holiday now change into vacation, huh >.<
By the way, I was dressing my self so simply, just mint-tee and tribal print mini skirt.
And the bracelet is a gift, but I forget the person who gift it to me. Simple bracelet which made by wooden beads :)
Let me enjoy the rest of this vacation before many business come along.