Sep 29, 2012

HARPER'S BAZAAR : I'll Tumblr For Ya

This editorial is for Harper's Bazaar October 2012 issue.
Featuring Alexander Wang, Maria Bradley, Fransisco Costa, Valeria Dmitrienko, Olivier Theysken, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Joseph Altuzarra, and Brit Maren.
It's really something amaze when some New York designers take part in some fashion gymnastic.
These are how those photos come inside the magazine :

Photograph by Terry Richardson
Source : HARPER'S BAZAAR and terrysdiary

Sep 28, 2012

VERSACE : Fall 2012 Haute Couture

Those are my favorites from the runway.
Looks there are many sheer fabric, bright colors, and beautiful pattern in this collection.
About the make up & hair is just simple but very fascinating.
And the shoes which are used in this show are gladiator with high heels, in fact all of them in difference colors, it matched with the dress of course.

See full collection by click here.
Images from

Sep 21, 2012


Top - Rusty
Velvet Vest - Neat
Shawl - Unbranded
Trousers - Color Box
Bag - Charles & Keith
Shoes - White ankle boots

Sep 20, 2012

Love for a Child

I don't know why but in last several days, I'm in love with old songs. Then I was looking for some old songs inside my notebook, until Jason Mraz's addicted me.Mr. A to Z , Waiting for My Rocket To Come, until We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. And several words from a song of him have a deep meaning, touching, and I can't find a word to describe it.
What about taking this empty cup and filling it upWith a little bit more of innocence, I haven't had enoughIt's probably because when you're youngIt's okay to be easily ignoredI'd love to believe it was all about love for a childIt was all about love(Love for a Child - Jason Mraz)
Those words really determine about the situation which is neglected, about the people who abandoned, about the other side in this hard life which is untouched. The young whose life is empty of love, especially love from their parents. Violence and bullying is near them. Frightened and starving in every second.We can find them everywhere near us, such as in traffic lights area, market, in front of shop's door and many more, but many of us just walk away even their eyes not look at them.Why don't we just bring joy into their life by doing favors for them?
( Image from google)
Sure, we need to do favor for them, The Gutter Child.Perhaps we can share our luck to them, giving love and stop pretending to not see them anymore.I realize that I haven't do much favor for people yet. Complaining about my unluckiness oftentimes, even hate my life sometimes, but it were big mistakes. My life is much better than them. And all I need to do now are thank and help each other.

Sep 14, 2012


Hello people! I think you all have to know about this website to answer your confusion about shopping. Don't have time for shopping your necessary, confusing about the new trend items that hard to find, even the expensive price. Nowadays, the answer of all your confusion is come into a website. Yeah is the first Online Shopping Portal in Indonesia. It provide us to find many discount items from many brands. It is really a good news for fashionista, now you can find super fabulous fashion items and even get discount :) Just click here and you can find fashion portal in !!!!

Not only fashion, you can also find the other products categories ; Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Kids and Baby, and lastly Travel.
Meanwhile, is informative because in every Online Store or in every vendor page that has been visited, you can find an overview about the online store that you chosed, starting from its  product and services, payment and delivery methods, store's contact number, even to its return policy.
What make fascinating to me is their BLOG

I can read articles about fashion, such as the new trend of this season, here one of my favorites article. And there also article about how to mix and match your items for a fabulous look with good fashion sense.
So what are you waiting for? Just visit the website, and even shop shop shop :) :)

Sep 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Applelynnnn

prettier, crazier, more fabulous :)

Alright, today is my baby girl birthday, Evelyn.
Hoorayyy :) she is turning 18th now! I have no many words to   write my birthday wishes for you, just wish that what are you wishing for are come to reality O:)
May God always blessing you!



Sep 9, 2012


Introducing the gorgeous side of southern area from the island that I living at.
Aan Cape Beach in Lombok Island. It takes about 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport.
Amazing scenery of one of Lombok best shores, white sand, turquoise sea, and you can find friendly local people sell the hand-made things or fresh fishes over there.

Wind blew my tops.
Hand-made flip-flop.
My brother sand-handwritting :)
As you see in those pictures, of course you all have own perception and words to determine how beautiful, how perfect, how adorable this beach. Perhaps 'Oh my gosh, so speechless' , 'This is paradise', 'Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!' or even 'I don't wanna go home' , many more expression.
I just feel the magnificence of one of God creatures, the real-life paradise.
Once I thought that paradise is somewhere we will reach after we passed away, but now I realize that paradise can come into the real-life one. And somewhere which full of joy in afterlife is heaven, yeah heaven just heaven, nobody knows it except from several stories which are telling in every religion.
This place is really natural, untouched. At least I have living a life in a town but I completely thank for it. A life which is far from pollution even hustle. I can't deny that city offer a lot of entertainment and high-technology life, but I prefer a natural place to be my home, the real beauty of universe.

Flipflop - Senggigi art market
Shawl - Kuta art market
Glasses - Unbranded
Short - Gaudi

Sep 7, 2012


Everybody who love Zayn Malik, one of One Direction members, should know 'VAS HAPPENIN'. These words were started booming long time ago. I didn't have any idea about it when Melinda was talking about it nor she was wearing a t-shirt with those letters either. Then I asked her "What is VAS HAPPENIN?" , and she just replied "Search it on You Tube" for every time I asked. Finally, I did what she said because of curiosity, then I found several videos, one is......

Omigosh, I watch videos about it many times without boredom.
ZAYYYYNNNNN is so cuteeeeeeee. The way he say VAS HAPPENIN with his unique face is completely funny at all. Anyway he just a year older than me, a little bit shocked, thought he is twenies. No matter how old he is, Zayn is one of the boys I fan the most. LOL^^
And next video is about the One Direction members singing "Vas Happenin Boys" wrote by Billy Bob Bob Billy.

Photos of One Direction :

Photos : Google
Videos : You Tube

Sep 4, 2012

Finally Met Up

Went back to Surabaya, and finally met up Feonita after almost two months :) :)
Hang out again, and snap snap snap, outfit photo!
Anyway it was kind of unique when she was wearing turban.
Shawl, top, outer, trousers, and high heel shoes include handbag ^^

Sep 3, 2012

Mulberry Del Rey

Finally Mulberry Del Rey bag which is inspired from a singer, Lana Del Rey, coming out.
I love the way Emma Hill combined the glamour of Lana with Mulberry's characteristic.
And here it is, the video of the making of that bag.

Image : Google
Video : You Tube

Sep 1, 2012


Absolutely it was on my last vacation. Beach again. I was exploring a resort located in Senggigi Beach with two of my SHS classmates, Mutia and Vivi. We were going around, laughing, and it was completely fun! It felt like back to fifteen years ago, when I was in kindergarten, played in playground. I love the time my skin touch the sand, of course the white one. Honestly, I don't like the gray sand, I don't know why, I can't find the fascinating side of it. By the way, I think my skin get tan now, after I have spent much time on the beach. Hilarious huh? Perhaps. So those are several photos which are my favorite :)

Photography : Mutiarizd
Location : The Jayakarta Resort, Lombok