Sep 7, 2012


Everybody who love Zayn Malik, one of One Direction members, should know 'VAS HAPPENIN'. These words were started booming long time ago. I didn't have any idea about it when Melinda was talking about it nor she was wearing a t-shirt with those letters either. Then I asked her "What is VAS HAPPENIN?" , and she just replied "Search it on You Tube" for every time I asked. Finally, I did what she said because of curiosity, then I found several videos, one is......

Omigosh, I watch videos about it many times without boredom.
ZAYYYYNNNNN is so cuteeeeeeee. The way he say VAS HAPPENIN with his unique face is completely funny at all. Anyway he just a year older than me, a little bit shocked, thought he is twenies. No matter how old he is, Zayn is one of the boys I fan the most. LOL^^
And next video is about the One Direction members singing "Vas Happenin Boys" wrote by Billy Bob Bob Billy.

Photos of One Direction :

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