Jul 14, 2015

Fate which is exist.

I ask my self infrequently, am I happy? And even I think a little bit hard to interpret the exact meaning of being happy. After those unhappy years, and pretended that I was okay with things, well even I know that wasn't what I literally want, but there was always something to push me get close to. If I could reborn even I can't choose who am I, but I would take different choices.

Well, it is not exactly that I mean if I am not happy at all. I am happy, yes sure, like happy of having such incredible friends, but the thought of 'this is not the life I want, the life I hope for, and the life that interpret who I am' is always comes in sudden. Like there is a torture in their smile.

The boundary between my dream and reality is thin enough, but it always exist. I can't break that boundary, yet. And I don't know, don't know what should I do then. It's like I want to buy an ice cream cone, I have enough money, but there's always something to make me away.

And now I am tired, to struggle for another dreams, and makes another hope.
Perhaps this is what people called FATE. The thing that influence all people's life, and they can't change it. Even though I really don't believe that, because I think the one who choose to be who you are is only that person. But now, it's different. And I start to believe there is a fate that hidden in someone life, whether it breaks your dreams right now or years later. I just can't believe that years behind and later is a kind of disaster, the life that I don't want to live for, but I have to.



Jun 28, 2015


STRADIVARIUS basic t-shirt | thrifted dream catcher necklace | Andien for GAUDI pencil skirt |

Really, it's been long time from any kind of outfit of the day (OOTD) post. Since I currently put more attention to my Final Project, titled "DESIGN ANALYSIS OF ACCOMMODATION LAYOUTS USING TOPOLOGICAL PATTERN MATCHING TECHNIQUE TO OPTIMIZE THE EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCESS ON A BULK CARRIER". Well, I am study naval architecture, just reminding, and this is my last semester. I don't know what exactly I feel, sometimes I'm happy but the other side I just broken. I don't want to loose my friends who already been amazing for these years. But let time answer everything since expectations always hurt the deepest. So this final project is really something, I can spend almost two hours for every assistance with my lecturer. The topic and the technique both are rare to choose by the others. The reason I picked that is because I am the person who loves something different, anti-mainstream, and look for something unique. And also, I care about the safety of human life. I need more seconds than mostly people when have to choose, because I am thinking about the risk for each decision. In maritime industry, thousand people have already reported lost on board, especially whose working as bulk carrier's crews. That's short about my final project. Hope that all my blog visitors pray for me, thank you :)

This Sunday I went out for having dinner and a little shopping with my mom who came to visit for supporting me. At first, I decided to dress in casual but I changed my mind. Then I picked a black t-shirt, yes I can't live without black, to be paired with my pencil skirt from an Indonesian jazz singer named Andien Aisyah collection for Gaudi. I love her because her style and fashion sense, rather than love her as a singer. The skirt is a pencil skirt with a second layer shaped trapezoidal. And I wasn't wearing high heels as usual, but I came with that blink slippers.



Jun 20, 2015

Simple meaningful lesson.

Many of people confuse about their darkness past that always come to ruin the future. Sometimes I feel that. When the memories back, and I just being vulnerable, then I ask my self that do I completely forgive? But the problem is how can I forgive if I can forget. This one really a kind of complicated simple things.

A friend of mine taught me to forgive, and to understand people's imperfect character. Nobody is perfect. Nobody. All imperfect. And all you need is to be patient. If can't do that, you're an abnormal person. Perhaps those words made me better right now. I try to develop my self to become a person who utilize the gift. I still can breath and see the world's beauty. And everything is more than enough rather than being a person who can hardly forgive people.



Jun 4, 2015

Pipe and Barrel Surabaya

I am too late to try the famous Chef Ken from Masterchef Indonesia newly opened restaurant in Surabaya. Oh not that 'new', it has already been like a year. This place located at Jalan Polisi Istimewa, Surabaya (across SMAK St. Louis 1). The interior rising the concept of combining retro and modern industrial concept. And there is a huge caricature of Chef Ken himself on a wall!

At the outdoor area, there are many signs on the wall such as license plates.

Still in my obsession of colors to pick, that famous grayscale.

And how about the food? It's quite recommended and the price is affordable compare to other Surabaya's famous restaurant and cafe. We ordered Honey Chicken Rice, Black Pepper Beef Tortilla, and french toast.



Jun 2, 2015

Pullman Jakarta Central Park

The five-stars hotel located in Western Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, was the place I stayed at during my business trip to this city. Well, there are two Pullman hotels in Jakarta, but I was staying at the one which located at Central Park. The view from my room was directly to Taman Anggrek apartment beside and Tribeca park. Both day and night view was amazing, I can see the Jakarta's highway congestion across the window. The sun rise up then the city lights sparkling. 

Montchi is always a good companion for traveling and others!

It was at their sky garden, after I had my breakfast. This place is located at their 13th floor, and surrounded by the high buildings. This hotel really offers the five-star quality services, from the great staffs until the raw industrial interior concept which is so interesting. For more information you can visit their official website by clicking here.



May 15, 2015


It was a brunch that I had days ago at ARTOTEL Surabaya's restaurant named ROCA. This hotel offers the uniqueness of art. Some of Indonesia's young artist were collaborated to bring their amazing creation to welcome the guests. One space that I loved is this spiral staircase. The graffiti and the window aside make it looks more fascinating. According to my friend who stay in Jakarta, she already visited Artotel Jakarta, and I'm curious about their rooftop bar. Perhaps I should plan to visit that kind of high floor place.

basic t-shirt STRADIVARIUS |  jilly pants by ROOM 25 | dream catcher necklace thrifted | sunnies by CALVIN KLEIN  flirting slippers by CHIARA FERRAGNI COLLECTION

Still, and yet, black and white is the combination that ruin my mind to bring them both into my daily wear outfit. I chose to combine a white basic tee with 7/8 black pants, then put a dreamcatcher necklace to get a casual effect. And that new slippers looks perfect match for a kind of simple look.

Hey it's me and my favorite doraemon Montchi !



May 12, 2015

Inside THEIR frames.

It was amazing to work with some of best photographers who also great igers based in Surabaya. Well, I have to say that I love everything from the concept until the result. They are such a humble people and also funny! Even I was not wearing a kind of heavy make up, even only eye make up, the result is breathtaking. Well, I'm really a person that don't love to put much make up. I just feel that it hurt my skin. So here I pick the favorites of mine.

The photos by Naufal Huda
I think he is good at making strong effect of colors. The photos look more alive than the actual.

The photos by Ida Ayu Farina,
well actually I've worked with this lady while ago. She always be the kindhearted and cheerful person. Inside her frames, I looked more feminine.

valara dress by The Little Closet

The photos by Bastian Najich,
he is one of wedding also adventure photographer in Surabaya. I love the way he bring the vintage effect to the photos.