Feb 8, 2016

Experiencing XO Suki Lombok

Perhaps you have already known this restaurant which has already had many branches nationwide. In my hometown, they opened in two different area which one located in Jalan Selaparang, Mataram and the other one is inside Lombok Epicentrum Mall. They served suki menu to cuisine and only at the branch at LEM they also offer for kopitiam menus. Good ambience, good taste, and affordable price, just visit XO Suki Lombok.



Jan 22, 2016

Late Happy New Year

It's been very late for wishing a happy new year, but my prayer for each of you to have better life in this whole year and getting closer to everything what you've been dreamed of. Those video above are special collaboration by H&M with outstanding artist that mostly people know them.



It's Moschino, baby!

Have you ever heard about Moschino bear perfume? So it was weeks behind, at a department store in Jakarta, there was a photobooth in order to promote this thing. I was hanging out with my bff, a real-live-polar-bear named Teddy and Vines with her youngest sister who is so cute. Actually, this post is so different with the topic that usually I share, but I won't skip sharing this one to my beloved readers worldwide! The reason because I miss them to the bones and because Teddy expression in the first photo below is so va va voom, he like a pro!! Omg, couldn't stop laughing..

Look at these sisters beside of me, they look like a replica each other, who one is in adult age and another is still in children.



Jan 6, 2016

Legally 21.

In the end of year 2015, after Christmas, in holiday season, I'm celebrating my birthday which means I'm legally turning 21. Cheers! I think it a kind of new start to live an adult life, even deep inside my self I deny it. Childhood was a very incredible time, so many memories and habits that hard to forget. Especially last several years. It was the time of self changing. The time for becoming mature enough in ways of thinking, ways of solving problem, and ways of learning.

It was also the time for moving on, saying good bye and forgiving. Then now I'm officially announce that I've left Surabaya for good and now preparing for chasing my dream. It was so hard, really, to say good bye from the city that had became my home and also the place where I struggled, and from my friends who already turned into family. We shared so many moments together from happiness to sadness, and helped each other when needed. I talked to several closest friends about my moving for good, and they wished me for better life. The one that I keep noticing in mind is words from a friend that have been good to me during my study, the one who taught me much a means of life, the one that showed me how to forgive and love people who hurted me, and the one who understand about dreaming. That person, who have a pure heart to people, told me to chase my dreams and wished luck always be with me. From that, I'm thinking again about recalling my dreams that had been vanished. Starting again of hoping. And believing the hidden plan of God that is called miracle.

Last year is about year of forgiving and accepting to me. I feel mature enough about solving problem by forgiving. A friend told me to treat people by seeing them as God's great creatures, not from their acts. And I also learned about accepting because God knows the best plan for us. My friend told me the story of David in a spiritual session.

It's 2016 now, and I'm wishing my self to become better person who can influence people around, be good to people and be the person as I see in my dream.

#OOTD : Boyfriend ripped jeans | turtleneck sleeveless top | stripes vans shoes

So this year, I got surprise from my girl squad in our hometown, Lombok. They brought a very cute greentea cheesecake, that is my favorite, which is decorated by fresh flower when we had lunch at  The Vinnette House of Bovin & Lynnette. Couldn't more happier to have bestfriends like them!

Green tea cheesecake from Sugar Sweet by Chef Julian Vica.

Favorite from this resto is their Escargot!

Another surprise was coming from Vinnette's team, they gave me a plate of dessert; vanilla ice cream, choco mouse and choco lava cake. Nomnomnommm!!!

The squad (8/8). My loves!



Dec 8, 2015

Power of white.

ZARA shirt and jeans | GOSH t-strap sandals

As we all knew that Winter is coming, of course in four season countries, and it means that Christmas is near. Mostly places have already decorated their space in winter theme, like putting fake snowflakes, mistletoe, making their own Xmas tree and many more!
I was going out for lunch, and the weather was quite cloudy. I picked up my very simple attire like an oversized shirt with basic skinny jeans. Both were in white. I didn't mean to represent snow as it is winter or even Christmas, I just currently in love with something clean like white. Yes, if you read my post months behind, I was crazy with black then blue but this time is white. For sure those three are my favorite, sometimes grey included. This color is very simple but the strongest. It suitable for any occasions. Like it's easy adaptable with all conditions. At first I wanted to opt for heels but then ended up by opting for this t-strap sandals. I wanted to bring a casual look and very simple since it's only a dinner with friends.
Many of friends asked me about my hair. I brought messy for that look, just curled it and ruffled it using my hands. I keep my hair longer this time, even deep inside me I want to cut it in long bob style, but my boyfriend force me for longer one. And for makeup, smokey eye with glossy lip. As you see, my lip look thicker than usual.



Nov 25, 2015

Neither caramel brown nor black.

Calvin Klein sunnies | Ghais pashmina | The Little Closet valara dress | Christian Siriano pointy shoes

As you notice that the current season is Fall, shown in many stores displaying their Fall Collection. Actually here in Indonesia, we don't have Fall season, but what just happen right now is Rainy season. The similarity between both seasons are lower temperature and windy days. So I pick up some tips to keep neither warm nor fashionable at same time for Indonesians and other two seasons countries.

  1. Wear Thick and Midi Apparels
    • First thing you should know is how your body feel to the temperatures around. If you think you'll get freezing, you should wearing thicker clothes and fully cover up your body like wearing long sweater, long pants, etc. But sometimes for whom wants to still look fashionable, choosing midi items is a good option. Whether it is a midi dress or midi skirt that paired with long top.
  2. Choose Neutral Colors; Black, Caramel, Brown, Cream, Grey
    • To keep yourself update with the current trends, opt the right colors of apparel is important. As you can see that many international brands choose neutral colors for their Fall collection. The colors itself represent the mother nature color when it comes to Fall. Opt for black, caramel, brown, cream and grey. White is also a neutral color, but it more represent Spring and Summer. So it's better to combine it with darker color rather than wearing top to toe in white only.
  3. Wear Booties or Pointy Shoes
    • From ankle boots to upper knee boots, will bring edgy look. But if you don't have any booties or even you're not like them, you can opt for pointy shoes. It's simple but bring more stylish effect than a pumps.
  4. Bring Jacket, Scarf, Pashmina
    • In case your apparels doesn't quite enough to keep you warn, you can bring jacket, scarf, and pashmina too. Opt for one of them or even combine them like wear a scarf inside a leather jacket without fasten the zipper until top.
  5. Prepare Folded Umbrella or Rainy Coat
    • Anticipate the sudden rain by preparing a folded umbrella and rainy coat, whatever you prefer. It's minimize the risk of getting wet.
And for me, I created this look by mix and match items on my closet. My dress is an A-line sleeveless midi dress in black, and I chose a pashmina to cover up my sleeves by tying it in front. The shoes is a pointy leopard heels from Christian Siriano while my sunnies is from Calvin Klein with dark brown lense. 



Nov 23, 2015

Bond's Next Girl.

It's been quite so long for me not posting anything about daily look, except in my instagramI received this simple black t-shirt with some letters print from a local brand in Surabaya, the design, cutting, and it material really comfortable for daily look. It looked so casual, but I tried to pair it with wide leg pants for bringing an edgy yet glamour look. And I picked my nude court shoes, so the look is all in neutral colors top to toe.
By the way, I love my face on those photos, it glowing and a friend commented by saying I'm the next Bond's girl when I shared it on my instagram!