Sep 4, 2016

Make peace with your heart.

As time goes by, day changes into night, holiday has already over, and January turn to December as quick as not realizable. Maybe and it suppose that there are always many problems come and go or even just stay. At some point you could handle everything in a very good way but the rest are too complicated to handle. You suffer from pain, struggle for better atmosphere and try to breath as your mind free to imagine anything. Dreams are something which is the only way to set yourself free. And remember that it is always a boarder line between the magnificent dreams and the reality that similar to nightmare.

Freedom. A word that means so much in different perception to people. It is a hope from the one waiting to live in peace. And a hope from whoever whose mind dying of happiness.

There are no difficult problem that people couldn't handle. Maybe the problem is in inside your heart. You block the connection between your heart and mind to work together in balancing your life. There is always a reason behind something come into you, maybe not today but in days forward. Then make peace with your heart.



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