Jul 11, 2012

The Evanish Month

I feel like I runaway from blogging, somelike I went to far far away to find my home, but I had many things to be done. I really lost my June, at least there are many happiness moment even the struggling one. My semester examination just went well after I focused on it, stayed away from blogging because of it. In general, what I do in last June are EXAMINATION-the most important for me at that time, HANGOUT WITH MY GIRLS, learned a lot about FRIENDSHIP, and CUTTED MY HAIR- I was thinking that I'm so tired of my college, got stressed, and I was careless about my hair, guilty but I really didn't have more time for taking care myself, then I cut the dry part so there's no more layer again, look a little bit thick now. Perhaps there are many more spectacular moment or activities that I did, but let it still on my memories- I forget some of it :p
And it's my holiday now, free from college for a month. Time for refreshing my mind and care about myself again. Spending lot of my time with my mommy, just dress me up mom! She got a little bit shocked when we met after we've been desperated for few months when I went college. Am I too stress so I look like a waif? It doesn't matter, the most important is only college yet, even honestly sometimes I stress about my look.
Oh dear, my June went quite good, but I couldn't share it on time, and let me make some post about my June.
Something new happen in this evanish month, June. I felt like I see the birds singing and the flowers blossom when the Spring begin after the Winter. Gorgeous atmosphere. Oh please I want stay in this Spring rather than I need to live in Winter.

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  1. Uhm... Because you have found your Prince Charming, right? ;) Wish you a happy love story, dear!