Jul 27, 2012

Cupcakes for Vica

As I have published before, post about one of my besties birthday, she is turning 18th this year.
Me and my girls have a little surprise for her, sweet cupcakes.
At least it was not my idea, but Jenica did it. She really have a lot creative idea!
We just ordered it and showed our own face potrait photo to the cake maker,
and here theyyyy areeeeeee......

Happy 18th bday Vica!

It's really cute and funny when we are get described on the cupcakes!
And when some of us realize that it's not really look like them.
Glad to know that Vica was happy getting those cupcakes.Those are exactly eatable!
Those are just cupcakes but it made from a lot of love, love from besties.
So why don't we do such a creative and affordable thing for the person who influence your life?

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