Nov 27, 2012

Stack of Paper

Random photos of scrap book that I made recently.
A lot of quotes, words and photos inside. I captured several photos of my favorite words too.

Nov 25, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulders

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost makes me high
Lyrics from a song which I listening while make this post

Today outfit when I went out for lunch. I prefer wearing casual items recently.
And I think I lost my weight about a couple kilograms since I got a-couple-weeks-sickness three weeks ago, and I'm totally busy for some business. About my high-waist pants, it's really huge even I have  fold both side of my pants waist area and tailored them, but it's still big on me, in fact of the size is XS. I love the colors, so calm. And I miss put my sunshine bag on my shoulders and take it out. Poor me, my eye bag getting darker, so bad.

Bag - Mango
Top - (X).S.M.L
Pants - Cool Teen
Scarf - Unbranded
Accessories - Random
Shoes - TLTSN

Nov 17, 2012

Disney and Barney's NY present Eletric Holiday

When Disney characters come into fashion world...

"Minnie embark on a fantastical fashion adventure in Paris, where she walks the runway in Lanvin and rubs elbows with fashion world figures like Linda Evangelista, Daphne Guinness, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, and many more. The perfect combination of wit, fantasy and style with witch to ring in the holiday!" - write as a note of this video at it's youtube page.

Feel so delightful to see my favorite things, Disney and fashion, come together in a short movie.
How several Disney characters transform into runway model wearing clothes from the most influential fashion designer in the world, including : Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, Oliver Rousteing for Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Peter Copping for Nina Ricci, Proenza Schouler, and Rick Owens.

Minnie Mouse in Lanvin by Alber Elbaz.

Daisy Duck in Dolce & Gabbana.

Goofy in Balmain by Oliver Rousteing.

I don't know why, I think I'm more childish recently, I more interested with cartoon like me fifteen years behind. And my word for this fascinating short movie is EXTRAORDINARY.

Images from tumblr.

Breaking Dawn Premiere : Kirsten Stewart

As you know, the premiere Breaking Dawn part 2 has already become a trending topic recently.
Looks the waiting it's over now. We can watch the last part of Breaking Dawn novel in the movie.
My favorite, Kirsten Stewart, comes in the red carpet at London screening of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with sequin and lace jumpsuit designed by Zuhair Murad and the shoes are Christian Loubutin.

Cut back of her black sheer jumpsuit. It was really a daring and stunning look of her.

Anyway have you watched it?
I think there must be long queue in all movie theater.

Source : dailymail

Nov 16, 2012

Windows 8 Commercial Song : Everything at once

For you who haven't already watched the commercial ad of Windows 8 featuring Everything at once by Lenka, that is the video. The concept is a simple motion and there are many patters in black and white effect mixed with the performance of Windows 8 to introducing it excellence. And Lenka her self was wearing a fully pattern apparel.
The song is really fun, sure I can't deny that I'm in love with it at the first heard.

By the way, in that video, it's not full of Lenka's dance, it mixed with her live performance video. It's really hard to get the full version of her dancing, I've already browsing on youtube, and that's what I found. Not bad at all. And I also found a self-made video and it's sweet.

Hmm I think I'm a bit jealous with the coming up of Windows 8, my personal notebook is work with Windows 7, the commercial ad really interesting me.

Neither B&W nor Sepia

The photos was taken yesterday at my bedroom, while I waiting my friend to pick me up.
I'm surely didn't edit them, using B&W and Sepia effect when I took them.
Which one you think the better? Black & White or Sepia, even both?
A couple of week away from blogging and some other activities make me feel like a stranger.
It was because I get some disease, and it really disgusting me.

"There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired, lonely place
Walls of insincerity
Shifiting eyes and vancancy vanished when I saw your face
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you"

"Merry Christmas everybody
That'll have to be something I just say this year
I'll bet you got your mom another sweater
And were your cousins late again
When you were putting up the lights this year
Did you notice one less pair of hands"

Random lyrics from the song I listening while made this post.
Think that the end of this year will coming soon, about six weeks again.
Six weeks to my birthday. And I still have no idea about what I have already done this year. 
What I have done in my seventeenth, and everything randomly.

Nov 5, 2012

Before The Sun Already Gone

Beach again. Waiting for sunset.

Finally publish this post. I just miss Jenica badly.
It was on my last holiday, about 2 months ago.
Had a super-duper-fun afternoon with her :D
and thank you Jeni for taking those photos of mine :)
what a girls-time!

Floral Print Sheer Top - Lm for HARDWARE
Bracelet - Senggigi art market
Short - Levi's

Nov 3, 2012

If this was an 80-s

"red, white blue's in the skies,
summer's in the air baby,
heaven's in your eyes.
I'm your National Anthem"

"And I heard you moved on
from whispers on the street
a new notch in your belt
is all I'll ever be
and now I see, now I see, now I see
he was long gone
when he met me
and I realize the joke is on me"

"I can be selfish
Yeah, so impatient
Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe
I'm insecure yeah I made mistakes
Sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of the road"

Random lyrics from the songs which I listening while editing those photos :)
I just completed a five hours photo-shoot (I'll publish the photos later), and I don't know what should I do this saturday night. I want to enjoy ice cream, but the traffic must be really crowded, and I'm tired. So I just stay at my room. Then I was thinking 'How about take a several photos (yeah in fact it's about fifty even more) of my face', I still in love with the make up. Glittery eye shadow and thick black eyeliner using MAC and NYX, the favorite part. And I took my vaio, at least its camera not really bad at all.
Looks like my hair model is like the 80-s, long straight without bangs. And I was wearing my wooden cross necklace. So I decided to edit those photos with vintage effect.
Anyway it's November, the last second month in this year. Seems people still in love with retro and vintage. Have you made your November wishes?

Necklace - Senggigi art market