Apr 30, 2012

I Miss You, Honey

Dear Vica, with all of my heart I do say 'I can deny that I want you hug me as usual'
Pretty miss the time to have wonderful moments with you, spending time for gossiping, teaching me how to dress up, or swimming even photos and photos. And fighting the disaster matters!
Come here fast, and hug me dear.
I'm totally miss you like a hundred year never see you, honey!

Apr 28, 2012

Face Portrait : Brighter

I just felt like everything is bored me, even there so many many things to be done.
My notebook was in front of me, browsing something that in fact I was confusing what things that I need to search of. I was sitting in the corner of my room, under the window. And I do know why, but I love the way the light shines through my window valance.
Then I capture my face portrait by my notebook camera, the resolution isn't pretty good at all, but I still love the pictures. That was on sunny noon, so I got too much light, and it made my skin looks brighter on the photos. By the way, I used my necklace as headband on last picture. Bought it in Bali.

Apr 24, 2012


So it was on early morning and I just walk in a park with many kind of species of plants.
At least it is not really an official botanical park, but my words for it 'Little Botanical Park' is just perfect.
The atmosphere is good and fresh like the very unpolluted rural.

Wardrobe : Grey Asymmetric skirt, Tosca blouse, brown belt, and nude pumps.
Photography : Baskoro and Surtel

Apr 14, 2012

Take Me Somewhere

I was packing up all my belongings into two difference suitcases from Polo Ralph Lauren collection.
Perhaps the vintage things is perfect for the vacation.
Just dressed me up in simple outfit.

My outfit were white blouse and gray short with black belt.
Also vintage flat shoes and over knee socks.

This photo is edited by Asteriska

Clara and Feonita.
She was wearing her red dress and khaki sheer tops also with her brown boots.

Oh dear, please take me somewhere gorgeous and enjoy the atmosphere!

More looks of me, Feonita and Asteriska here.

Apr 12, 2012

Forever and Always

I did my own makeup.
Wardrobe : Caramel tank-top with black stripes paired with LM for Hardware red maxi skirt
Photography : Asteriska

Apr 8, 2012

The days need stuggling

Maybe few weeks ago and later really a busy time for me. So many works should be done.
Deadline, deadline, deadline. Is it everyday turn into such a killer day?
I can't deny that sometimes perhaps oftentimes, I feel bored or tired or hopeless.
The hard the bored. Hard things is the most challenges stuff, I need to survive on it.
I just thought maybe I gotta be down but it supposed really never happen.
The pressing have to fight by me even with my last power.
Next week is 'gorgeous' week, everyday I have an exam or more! Absolutely assignment is exam best friend. Day doesn't a day without both of them. Speechless but should not be hopeless =))

fighting for the mid semester examination
I found spirit on hopeless time

Apr 7, 2012


Reading some of the Greek Mythological articles, really inspiring me.
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and desire.
And then I found some stuff in my closet. 

The top is my mommy 'long time ago' scarf. I adore it pattern.
Made it as one shoulder neck top with the helped from my fashion consultant, Asteriska.
Pairing it with my gray LM for Hardware asymmetric skirt and brown belt.

The shoes is my nude pumps.