Oct 9, 2016

How the love begins.

Been living in this city that never sleep for almost a year, and what is actually happen in my days from the morning sunlight to a very windy yet heavy rain with thunderbolt and the city lights in the nights from those skyscrapers are fill in the slots in my memory. And I think I starts to fall more deep with this city, Jakarta.

Wake up in the morning and get ready for working, then I buy my breakfast in street-side kiosk on my way to office, honestly I have to admit that I love the foods. Jakarta's traditional foods is one of the best foods that I've ever tasted. The legendary Ketoprak, Nasi Uduk and of course Gado-gado! The taste are magical like it deceive my tongue in every bite.

Jakarta's traffics in weekdays is always a problem, to anyone. But what happens in weekend? I'm pretty sure that it is fascinating yet fun to drive across the major arterial road while play Lana Del Rey songs in night. And when I see the yellow-red sign, drop by and pick up the guilty-pleasure food then continue the trip. Actually you don't need to dress like you are going to have a kind of fancy dinner or attending a red carpet events, you just need to dress yourself with clothes which you really want to wear.

In the downtown, at the highest point where all you can see are the combination of lights from skyscrapers, houses, and cars that sparkling in the windy night. And some music beats that make you cannot deny that this city is really stay awake 24/7. Another thing that fascinating is there are so many great places to have dinner. Some maybe don't have foods with good taste, but the others have even the magical one.

After the long day discoved something marvelous from this capital city, I stayed under my blanket and read the words that is combined into beautiful sentences, a simple yet fancy kind of bed time stories.



Sep 12, 2016


In spite of black is my favorite color, I'm totally adore any combinations in black. Even this is one of the strongest yet bold basic colors on earth, it never failed to bring the sexiest touch into a very simple look. Like arrange some basic items together or just put different fabric items in one color,  which is black, in one extraordinary look is a kind of efficiency and effective efforts you can do when you are in hurry or in the middle of confusing. Sometimes your body is to tired and your brain just need more power to process the idea, desire, and what eyes see. Like me every morning. I look up to my closet, try to scan anything inside and think what shall I wear. At the moment I give up, I choose black. And it is never fail to support me in having an elegant yet simple look.

And my current obsession just now is no other than black. Like wear anything black top to toe or even with a little touch with other colors. And let me tell you a tricks when you totally trap in situations that made you hard to dress yourself, black attire and red lips. That's the magic words. Do it and enchanted the world. Well actually, I never do a kind of dressing my hair, and put any eye make up like eye shadows and eye liner, but that magic combination really magical. 

Here two looks I pick to share, first one is from an afternoon tea time and the second is my look to office.

Top: Bershka | Pants: Stradivarius | Bag: Guess | Shoes: Zara

In this look, I combine three different items in black which fabrics are completely different. From a long-sleeves polyamide top, viscose stretch pants and a quilted leather sling bag. Since I'm dying in love with lace-up shoes,  I chose to wear my pointy shoes in cobalt blue. 

Dress: Shopatvelvet | Necklace: Zara | Sheer tights: H&M | Shoes: Zara 

In this second look, I wear black from top to toe, except my pearl necklace which made of white beads. This is very simple yet formal look.

That's some inspiration from my daily look. Hopefully it can helps you in your emergency situation of choosing the right outfit. 



Sep 4, 2016

Make peace with your heart.

As time goes by, day changes into night, holiday has already over, and January turn to December as quick as not realizable. Maybe and it suppose that there are always many problems come and go or even just stay. At some point you could handle everything in a very good way but the rest are too complicated to handle. You suffer from pain, struggle for better atmosphere and try to breath as your mind free to imagine anything. Dreams are something which is the only way to set yourself free. And remember that it is always a boarder line between the magnificent dreams and the reality that similar to nightmare.

Freedom. A word that means so much in different perception to people. It is a hope from the one waiting to live in peace. And a hope from whoever whose mind dying of happiness.

There are no difficult problem that people couldn't handle. Maybe the problem is in inside your heart. You block the connection between your heart and mind to work together in balancing your life. There is always a reason behind something come into you, maybe not today but in days forward. Then make peace with your heart.



Aug 28, 2016

Kendall Jenner for Vogue September Issue 2016

Image source: VOGUE.COM

September issue, the thickest edition of Vogue Magazine in each year is always attract people attention. Rise up the enthusiasm for grabbing it when a kiosk at the corner of the pedestrian path hang the IT-magazine. And people eyes always staring at the icon of its cover, a very influent yet beautiful woman whose eyes determine passion, warm and a proven to the world that she can brings miracle to this whole new world.

So this year, one of most talked person on Earth, Kendall Jenner has become the lucky chosen one. And I could not be more happier hear this breath taking news since she is my favorite role model. So here how she got surprised by the Kadarshian clan:

I suggest every one of you to start looking for the September issue of American Vogue before it run out of stocks!



Jul 30, 2016

Celebrity Wedding Ideas.

Recently I realized that I've been put a lot of interest in wedding. I love it composition of great vendors, selected colors, and the theme chosen. And about how to combine also organize them into a great package that hardly forgotten. Seeing the love birds and their stories behind is always touching me, melt my heart and makes me deeply fall to this industry. After graduated, once I thought to join one of great photography vendors that mostly people always amazed by their works. Perhaps someday I have a chance to organize a wedding for my beloved friends and make their wedding dreams come into reality and be the things that always remembered.

As we knew that last few years, many medias proclaim about celebrity fancy wedding parties, from one with many traditional ceremonies to other with a real-life 'Cinderella' wedding party. And now I pick two of my favorite celebrities wedding concept which raising the unique concept but it's so memorable.

1. Ringgo Agus Rahman and Sabai  Morscheck

I am totally in love with their wedding. Clean colors, beach side venue, and intimate party. Always be my dreams to celebrate my own wedding with only close people, wear a simple gown, choose pastel colors, and have beach side ceremony. This concept is quite simple but very memorable.

2. Junior Liem and Putri Titian.

Putri Titian and Junior Liem is one of my favorite celebrity couple, a role model of relationship that I adore. They living their relationship life just like the way they are, and how they enjoy each moment without need to hide their self-identity in front of each other. And their concept of wedding is different from many celebrities. One that I like so much is a purple clown on a wedding as I dream.



Jul 5, 2016

Style to my office.

It's been very long time not sharing something- fashion, culinary, even traveling. Earlier this year, I was pretty busy in choosing any jobs offer that suitable on me. Well basically as you know that I'm graduated as an engineer but even I don't have any matter with all of it complex calculation and designing, I just didn't think that the working days would supported me to inspire people through the way I dressed up. And then I ended up choosing a Management Development Program at one of private banking owned by one of Indonesia's conglomerate. Months back I stayed in Megamendung, Puncak in West Java at their training center, learned about whole system in banking industry. It was really like I'm back to uni again. So just now I stay in Jakarta, working at their headquarters office. The building was awesome, standing right next to one of Indonesia's big TV station in same area-both are under same group. And there are a small library with breathtaking view to Gatot Subroto street which then become my favorite spot.

So here, I share some my looks about what I wear to office daily. In first look I was wearing a 3/4 sleeves Batik dress with A-line cutting. The dress itself was bought by my parents. The pattern and the color just so simply yet elegant, paired it with my kitten heeled shoes from Zara. Well, I'm wearing any Batik clothes twice a week, and at first it was literally made me get confused since I was not dressed up in Batik oftentimes. But as time goes by, everything just so fun, like every morning I play mix & match of clothes.

Dress Batik Solo | Shoes ZARA

In the second look, I also wearing a dress with a drapery at waist and the cutting is slimfit. To give a deep formal look, I also wore stockings in black. And for last touch, I chose my lace up high heeled shoes in cobalt blue. Since I always in love with pointy shoes, and those lace just bring another classy yet edgy look, and I feel it brings a sexy touch to my legs. And all are from my favorite RTW brand, ZARA.

Drapery dress ZARA | Shoes ZARA



Jun 27, 2016


What a super breathtaking news is that finally HM announce their collaboration with the Parisian fashion house, Kenzo. I assume what was happen on HMBalmaination last year would come to this launching too. Have you prepared yourself?



May 15, 2016

The moments that remarkable.

One morning where sunlight came inside across those window and all I saw was buildings and traffics. Then to a huge hall that crowded by people who were in and out elevators. Maybe they were in hurry or just need to look for anything they possibly could did. I kept walking on my black kitten heels to pair with my gray blazer over white dress.

One saturday afternoon at a favorite coffee shop in downtown, and people were queueing asking the barista to make their favorite beverages. I asked for a cup of red velvet latte with a very cute latte art on it. Then I walked upstairs looked for empty seat. It was a coffee machine in front of me and that was the very first time I completely knew how to brew coffee.

One time I was looking to those skyscrapers from a rooftop in the heart of this city, waiting for sunset, and sipping a cup of chamomile tea. It was a little cloudy, not quite windy, and several voices were coming from girls that were preparing for a birthday of a friend of them. They were laughing and retouching their make up. I turned my eyes to the other side, at a corner were some of lovebirds that glancing at each other eyes with magnificent smiles.

One other afternoon, through the traffic jams at the flyover in a tiny Parisian district, electro pop playlist played on car's audio, while outside was a very great scenery. I saw a silhouette of a mountain standing upright behind blue sky, and the sunlighted just touch my green trumpet sleeves top made an interesting shades. Then sky changed colors and city lights sparkled beautifully, Japanese cuisine, and a little bit shopping before the dreams end.

The moments that bringing up a feeling of blessing to figure out another side of myself deeply, because there are still many hidden unique colors inside those palettes.



Apr 13, 2016

Afternoon Soiree at Two Stories Bogor.

Bogor is one of small cities near Jakarta that have it own beauty and attractions, then something that make people come along. Called by the rain city, and the reality yes it is; fresh air, a little bit cloudy and the sun still shining through those grayscale clouds. It was at one fancy restaurant with raw industrial theme which also provide a rooftop bar, named Two Stories. After long-days-off from blogging and sharing #OOTD through this blog, finally decided to post something. 

Recently, halter neck top is something that girls admired much. Then I paired mine with a camel pants with nude court shoes. 

It was day out with my friends from office. And I'm decided to join banking industry after leaving maritime and oil&gas dreams. Because I realized that working days must be the days that I really want to spend of. Like it is represent who I am. When you are in offshore structure or even only at port then a shipyard, you can't dress like you want to be, there are many safety regulation because it risk in high level. But in this industry, you can wear your fancy clothes, walk with your sexy legs covered by designer's shoes, dress like SJP in Sex and the City. Meet boys with suit whose smile like Leonardo di Caprio in The Great Gatsby or funny Neil Patrick Harris in HIMYM. That's kind of things in daily that I want to live in.



Feb 25, 2016

Afternoon tea at Lewis & Carroll.

It was a day before Chinese New Year this year, during my visit to Jakarta which still in rainy season that is something challenging. Then that late afternoon, which I was expected to have a sun-kissed-on-a-cup-of-tea while gathered with friends from uni life, and what was happened is showery all day long. This place is stole my heart since the very first time I opened their door. The interior, concept and all tea selection they offer. I was so surprised when the waiter came out with some tea samples and each of them has unique scent. And they also sell many fancy stuff for your daily tea time at home. All this things is found at Lewis & Carroll that located in Jalan Bumi, Kebayoran Baru.

MANGO halter dress worn as top | THE EXECUTIVE pencil skirt | STRADIVARIUS fur sling bag |
ZARA mid-pointy-heels

The tea selection samples.

Tea called Colada Sun.

Well, I feel like quite away from blogging these recent months. After confusing of choosing between continue studying or hit the real industry, finally I choose to get employed! And now I'm busy with my job, will tell the complete story in special post, so keep in touch!!!



Feb 8, 2016

Experiencing XO Suki Lombok

Perhaps you have already known this restaurant which has already had many branches nationwide. In my hometown, they opened in two different area which one located in Jalan Selaparang, Mataram and the other one is inside Lombok Epicentrum Mall. They served suki menu to cuisine and only at the branch at LEM they also offer for kopitiam menus. Good ambience, good taste, and affordable price, just visit XO Suki Lombok.



Jan 22, 2016

Late Happy New Year

It's been very late for wishing a happy new year, but my prayer for each of you to have better life in this whole year and getting closer to everything what you've been dreamed of. Those video above are special collaboration by H&M with outstanding artist that mostly people know them.



It's Moschino, baby!

Have you ever heard about Moschino bear perfume? So it was weeks behind, at a department store in Jakarta, there was a photobooth in order to promote this thing. I was hanging out with my bff, a real-live-polar-bear named Teddy and Vines with her youngest sister who is so cute. Actually, this post is so different with the topic that usually I share, but I won't skip sharing this one to my beloved readers worldwide! The reason because I miss them to the bones and because Teddy expression in the first photo below is so va va voom, he like a pro!! Omg, couldn't stop laughing..

Look at these sisters beside of me, they look like a replica each other, who one is in adult age and another is still in children.



Jan 6, 2016

Legally 21.

In the end of year 2015, after Christmas, in holiday season, I'm celebrating my birthday which means I'm legally turning 21. Cheers! I think it a kind of new start to live an adult life, even deep inside my self I deny it. Childhood was a very incredible time, so many memories and habits that hard to forget. Especially last several years. It was the time of self changing. The time for becoming mature enough in ways of thinking, ways of solving problem, and ways of learning.

It was also the time for moving on, saying good bye and forgiving. Then now I'm officially announce that I've left Surabaya for good and now preparing for chasing my dream. It was so hard, really, to say good bye from the city that had became my home and also the place where I struggled, and from my friends who already turned into family. We shared so many moments together from happiness to sadness, and helped each other when needed. I talked to several closest friends about my moving for good, and they wished me for better life. The one that I keep noticing in mind is words from a friend that have been good to me during my study, the one who taught me much a means of life, the one that showed me how to forgive and love people who hurted me, and the one who understand about dreaming. That person, who have a pure heart to people, told me to chase my dreams and wished luck always be with me. From that, I'm thinking again about recalling my dreams that had been vanished. Starting again of hoping. And believing the hidden plan of God that is called miracle.

Last year is about year of forgiving and accepting to me. I feel mature enough about solving problem by forgiving. A friend told me to treat people by seeing them as God's great creatures, not from their acts. And I also learned about accepting because God knows the best plan for us. My friend told me the story of David in a spiritual session.

It's 2016 now, and I'm wishing my self to become better person who can influence people around, be good to people and be the person as I see in my dream.

#OOTD : Boyfriend ripped jeans | turtleneck sleeveless top | stripes vans shoes

So this year, I got surprise from my girl squad in our hometown, Lombok. They brought a very cute greentea cheesecake, that is my favorite, which is decorated by fresh flower when we had lunch at  The Vinnette House of Bovin & Lynnette. Couldn't more happier to have bestfriends like them!

Green tea cheesecake from Sugar Sweet by Chef Julian Vica.

Favorite from this resto is their Escargot!

Another surprise was coming from Vinnette's team, they gave me a plate of dessert; vanilla ice cream, choco mouse and choco lava cake. Nomnomnommm!!!

The squad (8/8). My loves!