Jun 21, 2014

Rafting with Songadventure

Exam weeks have already over, and my college mates decided to have a short vacation before we all start our internship. This maybe a very brilliant idea to take out rafting as the final choice to spend the rest of our free time. We can let our stress out, enjoy the scenery, a refreshing day! Well actually I never do a 'real' rafting before, and it was my first time.

We chose this rafting service named SONGADVENTURE which reccomended by a college mate. Weeks before we booked for eighteen people, so they have prepared everything when we arrive. On last thursday, around 7am we departed from Surabaya, had our breakfast at a streetside traditional food in Sidoarjo, then continued our trip to Probolinggo.

They welcomed us with welcome drink which very 'village favorite', wedang jahe at their base camp. We got short preparation before we moved to start point. They provided pick-up cars to drove us there, but we still need to walk around 1-2 km to reach the riverside. The river itself named Sungai Pekalen. And it all began here!

Riznanda, Vinesia, me, and Hakara who is the youngest and so Chaning Tatum look alike.
These guys were my team on board, minus Aldi Kim. 

Look at our flip flop, they are SKYWAY, favorite local brand for 'sendal jepit'.
Chaning Tatum (look alike) was wearing flip flop brand Skyway! What a funny headline...

It was totally amazing! The scenery was spectacular, we crossed several bat crave, and waterfalls.
We really felt the feeling when the falls drop the water into our body. And screaming when we hit the rocks.

All rafting squad took a pose in front of the waterfalls.

The very unforgettable moment is when my boat was not stable so it just reversed. Our guide was tried his best to make it stable, and the MAN OVER BOARD just happen. I got hard impact on my face, and it still bruise now. The SAR team helped us to get back to boat and we could continue our adventure.

My team on board, Hakara, Vinessia, Aldi Kim, and Riznanda with guide Mr. Edi (center).
He said that we are a compact team because the 'man over board' happened to all of us and we prevented 'Kim over board'.

It was spectacular, and SEE YOU ON OUR NEXT ADVENTURE!!!



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