Jul 6, 2014

A person.

Well, it might be a morning note while I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea, yes it always be my favorite. And I'm helping my friend to do some translate even there still internship reports which should I made. Yes, this time ahead till my graduation will the busiest time in my undergraduate study. Perhaps there will be less ootd inspiration and also any fashion to culinary reviews on this blog. I sleep around midnight and when the sun rising I suddenly awake and can't fall any longer. It's just so weird, because in usual I will wake up late if I sleep around midnight.

So I've been thinking, and even still thinking yet about a person who I met years behind. A person with sacred heart. And show me how to live the life in holy way. How to treat people not by their behaviours, but look them as God's beautiful creatures. I'm so grateful to know that person, who literally influences my self to struggle for the dream that I dream every single day recently.



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