Jan 5, 2014

Keraton Surakarta

Say hello to this new beginning, the new atmosphere to start everything and make a better steps. Honestly, I still excited with this new year moment with many hopes and plans in mind. And course many stories from the end of last December to share. 

And finally I have a short trip to Central Java, visited small town named Surakarta or well known as Solo. I don't know administratively which one is right, but people know both. At the middle of 2013, perhaps this name was so popular which their Mayor named Mr Jokowi was so famous with his innovative concept to advance this town development. And now he became the Governor of DKI Jakarta. So glad to know directly what he had contributed to this small town. I saw railways roadside while walked around the town, it used for city tour. And I found other one which make you can't believe it! They have a tourism bus with multilevel seating area upstairs (like found in other countries) for introducing what inside Solo by the city tour program. Unfortunately I hadn't try it because I had to back for some project here in Surabaya.

One of the heritage spot should be notice when you visit Solo is Keraton Surakarta (Surakarta Sunanate). This  is a Javanese monarchy centered in the city of Surakarta, that established in 1745 by Pakubuwono II. The area is open for public, in case the tourist can't access the restricted area. Vintage building construction makes the atmosphere so traditional.

Spotted a guy with Burberry bag.

Traditional snack?

The first Paku Buwono statue, if I correct because I'm not good at reminding.

They provide the visitor with guides, so we can know the history and brief explanation of every single corner there.

Gate to the inner of Keraton.

I was felt I'm finding an Autumn season here in Indonesia.

One of many Abdi Dalem there, who served the Sultan and his family.

It was the first time for me to visit a traditional castle outside Lombok. And so happy to broaden my knowledge about this lovely country. I hope that the youth will keep conserving the heritage of Indonesia. I was so serious listen the guide's explanation, even I wasn't take any outfit photos. Just dressed so casual, pairing white sleeveless top and jeans, both from ZARA, with F21 necklace and red pointy flat shoes from Yongki Komaladi, clutch from The Little Things She Needs.



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  1. Excellent post. I have been to Yogyakarta but never to Solo.. Wish I could visit it one day..