Jan 11, 2014

Solo : Rawon Bakar "PAWON OMAH KOE"

Located near the Adisumarno airport Solo, this restaurant which offers a traditional food named Rawon Bakar, provide the vintage place. Fresh atmosphere there, because the wet field are around, and there are old train on the backyard. But unfortunately it's not for transportation, only for sitting in that fresh air, and taking some photos maybe. 

The food that recommended by the resto is their RAWON BAKAR. In fact, they still have another kind of dishes on their menu list. As we know, that Rawon is kind of traditional soup contains meat and seasonings, then served with rice. But they make some innovation, they separates the soup and the meat. They grill the meat itself, and put the soup on different plate. 

The package for this Rawon Bakar about IDR 30.000, included rawon, traditional salted egg, rice, and soft drink. Perhaps, if you visit Solo, try to visit this restaurant named PAWON OMAH KOE.



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