Jan 4, 2014

This Spring, new beginning, and incredible time ahead.

Perhaps I was away for a couple of week, and haven't share a lot of moments I spent on last December and how I welcoming this 2014. And absolutely about my birthday which come on last Dec 29th. So many memories left behind, year about time for being a mature enough than before, and I'm admit that because I'm already turning 19. Means that there are so many matters to serious about, like academic and carer. 

This is the first post on this will-be-wonderful year, haven't tell you many incredible moments and adventure that I did before really saying good bye to 2013. I'll tell everything, course by publishing photos and words on this blog. Now and perhaps for weeks ahead, I'm busy with my academic because the exam for this semester will come really soon.

Say HELLO to 2014 and wish you for everything well and the prosperity come along your life this year.

You knew that it's time for Spring to come along, where birds singing and flower blossom everywhere. People walk around downtown wearing their bright color outfit, and sunny day always be loved this time.
I was wearing a a dress with combination of mosaic pattern and fuchsia for a local brand monthly look book.



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