Nov 14, 2013

Jawa Timur Park 2 : BATU SECRET ZOO (last part)

Continuing the first post of my Batu Secret Zoo trip with four others, here. And let me show you more photos and more stories about this modern zoo in Indonesia. 

Let start from the giant turtle. We found this giant one, on the middle way to finish the entire zoo. It just stay calm. And I really amazed about the shape, perhaps it age could be so old.


There are many options in this corner to have some fun. And it also offers a tiny water park, especially for kids only. 

The crews of Safari farm took us around fed the animals, also they gave some brief explanation about each animal. Some animals too attractive, then we just frightened, such as the camel, it head got inside the vehicle we sat on. But it was very fun, Intan was so excited in this part!

When the sun goes down, and sky turning dark, we were on our way out from this zoo. And it was just perfect moment, the scenery, the wind, tired face with happy feeling inside. Those are just perfect combination. And I just can't get enough to spend a short holiday with fun trip.



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