Nov 8, 2013

Traditional food : Warung Lesehan Pak Sholeh

After posted many outfit post recently, now let looks the culinary side. Yes, it's been so long I didn't write any post about culinary such as this one, in fact I've published a sneak peak on my instagram. Perhaps I should looking back to the time I went to Malang (a day return) several weeks ago with some friends. This traditional food resto named Warung Lesehan Pak Sholeh is quite famous in East Java. Located in Pandaan and it takes about 1,5 - 2 hours drive from Surabaya if you already knew the place. But for the first time, it gonna take more hours without a detail guide, like what happened to us.

Here the story...
About 8.15 am we left Surabaya to travel Malang. We really didn't know which place for spending our day there. At least I left my flat about 6.00 am, and we had to pick up Intan at her house which so far and we forgot the way to reach her house. We asked some friends which East Java local people by chat to give some advise. And the first place is this one, the place we spent to feed our self. So hard to find it because the network was not strength, we run out of signal for few times, and it made us to find it with little clue and ask people. We passed the wrong way, each person in our car should asked local people there. The funny things to remember, they asked me to get out of car in front of a Junior High School and should ask the students there. Yeah, our driver, Nuel, forced us.

We passed wet fields, opened up the car window, let the wind blew my hair, then we arrived to the place we've been looking for about an hour with empty tummy. There were many gazebos, really had strong traditional atmosphere.

We came too early when they just opened the resto and still did preparation. So we just could order the ayam goreng (traditional fried chicken), sambal terasi (traditional chili sauce), tahu goreng (fried tofu), and sayur lodeh. The taste was so delicious, and I could say "I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH" even though I was so full, especially their chili sauce. The price was so affordable.



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