May 23, 2014

Vulnerable is past

Maybe now I am wake up after these devastating months. I trapped in the confusion about what life should be and how to be happy. Yes, be happy. I was sad, couldn't feel happy, loose my weight, and totally vulnerable. There were so much pressure, fact that hard to deal with, and I don't know everything just so absurd.

Alright, perhaps this paragraph may be the official answer for people who judge me not serious with my study. This semester I only take several credits because I've already taken so many in time behind. So this is what I can do, take all the only possible credits. One of them is a big design project, maybe it's true that I am not totally focus on, but there is a significant changes on my career in fashion industry, I reach the point which I never get on before. So it's not a problem, because when we face the different kind of work, we need to choose which one have to focus and which should come-off second best. Hard decision, but I should take it.

I did googling for finding the way to be happy, the reason to find out my happiness. And most of them tell that you need struggle hard for doing several thing to reach that happiness, such as start positive thinking, surrounded by good people, and be grateful.

I talked to some amazing people, they totally support me, give the very motivating advices. They said that I deserve to be happy more that what I feel right now, my future shall be brighter if I brave to fight for it. And living the life as today the last day, but live it by doing the productive things. Oh it such a very motivational quote. Some other told to thank God for everything I got, and sincere.

Now, I feel better, very very better from months behind. I feel blessed, shining, and happier. I enjoy my life, yes I should, and I'll be. I pray a prayer from years back and still keep believing in faith, finally God show the answer.


May 21, 2014

After the wedding.

Finally decided to dress in black to cousin's wedding few days ago. After confused to pick up mini dress or come in maxi, I ended up by matching a crop top with maxi skirt. At least it's quite casual and surely classy. 

Still satisfied with my self-make up, this time I chose the bling-bling eye shadow from Shu Uemura and put dark navy on the corner of my eye from Revlon. Perhaps I really do red or vampire color for my lip, but I didn't want coming in a very gothic style. That was why I picked this Face Shop lipstick, at least the color really worked on me, after I surrender to find a pink color lipstick which work perfectly on my lip.

That was some from the cousin's wedding that I attended.

Crop top - Pull & Bear
Clutch - GUESS
Skirt - Poise24
Shoes - ZARA

May 10, 2014

Brunch : HISTORICA Coffee & Pastry at Society Complex

The newly opened premium coffee shop in Surabaya named HISTORICA Coffee & Pastry located at Society Complex really make me recommend this place in my first visit. Beside the interior which dominated by wood and steel to give the vintage atmosphere, their quality of food and beverage in accordance with the price which so affordable. I had my brunch here with my best friend, and we came around 10 am. There still no crowded, so we both could have a calm atmosphere to have a discussion. 

A cup of their HOT CHOCOLATE.

Another cup of their GREEN TEA LATTE. It was so creamy and tasty.

Double layers of their PANCAKES.

Meat & Cheese Panini , it made me feel so full even I ate a half.

Still half way to finish my panini.

Feeling so red recently.

My brunch-date in this Saturday morning, Julian Vica.



May 9, 2014

Met Gala 2014 : Lipstick inspired

BE BOLD AND BEWITCH. A very strong lipstick colors from Met Gala 2014 looks really inspire to dazzle and conquer the world. I'm a person who fall in love for several times with dark color lipstick and I don't like something pink. And there are Marion Cotillard also Taylor Swift who look extremely classy in their red color lipstick.

Another bold color is dark berry as seen on Selena Gomez and Beyonce. Both colors really rock the night!

Those are so inspire me, very much. I was wearing Sephora cream lip tint No. 1 and I got the very red effect that I always look for. For eye make up, the colors were from Urban Decay NAKED 1 palette.

This one is self-make up that I did for my photoshoot. I kept my eye with natural colors, and took a dark berry lipstick to give a spectacular effect, a little bit classy vampire.



May 6, 2014

The Escalator

Maybe it's little bit late to post about this style. I'm not a fashion person who always have to update my closet with the recent booming items, but I keep one which suitable with my personality. I do online shopping more often recently due to my school business, and I can't find that popular item on store on the time they rock the world. 

I realized that I imposed dressing up my body in the best way to cover up my exhausted face and body. It's quite worked, enough for a short dinner. Sometimes I feel that my babies on my closet are upset, and lonely too. They wait for so long to perform their magical fascination to the world, but I even can't take them out. 

I was went out for dinner at a Japanese Restaurant located at a shopping centre. Then I decided for styling my self very lady-like wearing the popular midi skirt and pointy shoes paired with my ZARA crop tee. My tosca midi skirt really matched with my FOREVER 21 round necklace. 

By the way, am I dress really follow the fashion trends? Maybe the answer is yes, but I love this look. People already known that THIS RECENT TIME; CROP TOP, MIDI SKIRT, POINTY SHOES, AND MEDIUM SIZE HANDBAG ARE TOTALLY ATTACK THE STREET STYLE. Honestly I prefer to be someone who very different from people at large, because I feel the feeling that hard to explain by words.




An annual basketball championship in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember which held for its department only. And the final match was on last Friday, the Naval architecture and shipbuilding engineering team really strived for getting the appreciation from people because of being the Championship in a row like a year behind.

Three boys from Centerline P51 joined the team.

Congratulation dude!