May 6, 2014

The Escalator

Maybe it's little bit late to post about this style. I'm not a fashion person who always have to update my closet with the recent booming items, but I keep one which suitable with my personality. I do online shopping more often recently due to my school business, and I can't find that popular item on store on the time they rock the world. 

I realized that I imposed dressing up my body in the best way to cover up my exhausted face and body. It's quite worked, enough for a short dinner. Sometimes I feel that my babies on my closet are upset, and lonely too. They wait for so long to perform their magical fascination to the world, but I even can't take them out. 

I was went out for dinner at a Japanese Restaurant located at a shopping centre. Then I decided for styling my self very lady-like wearing the popular midi skirt and pointy shoes paired with my ZARA crop tee. My tosca midi skirt really matched with my FOREVER 21 round necklace. 

By the way, am I dress really follow the fashion trends? Maybe the answer is yes, but I love this look. People already known that THIS RECENT TIME; CROP TOP, MIDI SKIRT, POINTY SHOES, AND MEDIUM SIZE HANDBAG ARE TOTALLY ATTACK THE STREET STYLE. Honestly I prefer to be someone who very different from people at large, because I feel the feeling that hard to explain by words.



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