Dec 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

It's not that late because the atmosphere still spread out. At the Christmas night this year, every person had to wear the hair accessories such as Santa hat and deer headband, from the oldest into the youngest. Fancy Christmas tree was standing firmly on the corner of the living room. The family come together for praying. Then we had dinner! 



Dec 23, 2013

Flower Power

This outfit post taken last year. And this time, I choose it for the Christmas edition this year. See that I'm so full of Christmas color! And the big difference is my weight. I finally lost it quite much, compare this post with my recently taken here. Because you can really now the difference easily, both shows that I was wearing simple top and mini skirt. But still satisfied with this one too.

By the way have you prepare something to wish for in this upcoming Christmas? Maybe the love Santa will come and make everything you wish for come true. I still have that thing...

Dear Santa, I still wishing for that square. You knew that. Something which not only square, full of joy, and shiny, but it's the blessing of God. Maybe it's not about it will be or not, but it's all about the time. Come and bring joys this Christmas and afterwards. And let love still live in my soul for loving the hatters.



Dec 21, 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

Rising up the bohemian concept for their photography project, NenesIcha, Putaw, Berlian and Maulana, really worked hard for making their dreams come true. They prepared everything detail, from decoration which really need creativity and many middle east items to change the ordinary studio into something riveting. Then fancy clothes into wondrous make up. They are such a great team, and absolutely that was a great experience to work with them. So those are the best photos from the results that they picked, and I did some editing.



Dec 18, 2013

City of dreams

Because by dreams you can meet and reach everything you wish for every single day. 
Because by dreams you can talk with people who never call you.
Because by dreams you can feel the feeling you never expecting.
And by dreams, someday the wishes will come true.

These days, rain fall almost entire day. I literally prefer walking on sunny day, a better way to enjoy life. I still have a dream, dream that I wish with my best friend, dream about two of us, dream that have to be a reality where we both walking on sunny day around the shore and see a big banana boat. Then she whispered "Our dream in past, is our memory in future".

Top - (X).S.M.L
Blazer - The Executive
Short - GAUDI Clothing
Velvet boots - Marie Claire



Dec 15, 2013

Almost two years for never stop falling in love

I don't know, but now I agree with the quote that Love is the way your heart fall at the same thing repeatedly. I own this court shoes for almost two years, in fact that I didn't wear it daily or every I went out for shopping or dinner, but I never bored. Back again to the time when the famous Louboutin's daffodile were being a trending topic in high street fashion. It was the beginning for pumps being popular so fast worldwide. And today it's not pumps again but a pointy shoes. Yes, I'm in love with that type too, even I only have it as a flat shoes, haven't really looking for the heels one.

But the point is this ZARA court shoe always cheer me up, and I think it so understanding by matching almost my entire outfits from casual, formal, even into party! This is crazy but recently I chose this lovely one for doing my outfit post. When you love something, it could make you crazier at least.

Here photos that unpublished yet, taken at last January. I was trying to match up this lovely shoes with formal attire. Then I chose an one color sleveles top, black bodycon skirt, and a blazer to make it looks formal but still chic.

Shoes - ZARA 



Now what do you think about welding?

Welding is not a something new or innovation just now in industrial sector. It helps us to merge two or more materials. Obviously it has own detailing about the welding methods. Perhaps mostly people think that welding such a dangerous activities, and they never think to try it once. I can say that two opinions is true, welding is dangerous in case if you ignore the safety procedure. So there is nothing to afraid if you comply every single the required procedure.

I was afraid when my lecturer said that every student in the welding technology class had to do a laboratory activities, which was welding. Then after managed the laboratory schedule, my heart were beating at the first time the laboratory staff asked us to weld the betonizer  for making book shelf.

But now, I think it such a fascinating activities. We can really now in reality about the welding process, and it quite hard course. But everything in this world are hard enough before we learn detail about them. In the production laboratory, there are many activities at the same time, such as cutting out the materials, welding (include cleaning up slag), etc.

Several safety procedure are :

  1. Wearing the laboratory coat, safety shoes, and a petersham
  2. Binding your hair (for long hair only)
  3. Wearing safety welding helmet and gloves while welding
  4. More procedure according the activities you take

Actually I'm not a popular fashion blogger, and even I blogged about food and traveling, but people know me as a fashion blogger. Who said that a fashion blogger can't do welding? Now I'm prove it, yes in case it's not being a professional welder course.

So here a short video taken last Thursday, at least it was only taken once, so apologize for my bad English. I just feel that I'm better in writing than speaking, even in Bahasa Indonesia. And about the video editor, perhaps it's not something swag enough, because I did it in the middle of night, where I have slept almost all day long because of fever. Please give some comment about welding ?

Oh by the way, now I'm in love with almost song from Gaga's ARTPOP. They just fun, so do welding. Then I decided to combine them both on the video.




Dec 13, 2013

Monopoli, Malang

Another post about Malang! Enjoy the last time before went back to Surabaya at an outdoor cafe named MONOPOLI. Some friends were recommended this place to us for having dinner, and unfortunately we had to be in the waiting list when got there. Then we decided to look for streetside snack while waiting the phone call. That night, Monopoli was so crowded and there were a live music too. The boys were ordering the main course (sorry for not sharing those photos because their too hungry that moment), whilst me and Intan ordered the dessert (our tummy just too full of the snack before). They offers many kinds of  Indonesian and western cuisine. The price really affordable, and I can say that it's totally cheap compare to the majority restaurants in Surabaya with same service and facilities.



Dec 9, 2013

Bonjour, regarder mon sac!

Introducing the new online retailer for casual daily style based in Surabaya, LECOUDY WARDROBE. They offer many kind of backpacks and t-shirt for both genders. And of course their goods are in high quality with affordable price. The good news is they give free shipping for several cities in Indonesia. 

Here some shoots of me wearing their Bonjour Adrien Series for their pre-launching lookbook. This bag is so huge, like it can carry anything! Also there are note book ( up to 14" ) pocket inside, main pocket, and several outside pockets. I guess this bag must be strength enough to carry thick books, note book, even also beauty case in daily. The materials is canvas and faux leather.

Matching that backpack with my cut-out sleeve top from Colorbox and mini skirt from Gaudi clothing.



Dec 8, 2013


Discover more looks from my favorite brand for this winter 2013, I find out their latest kids lookbook which really fascinating. The concept just so simple, where kids wearing winter outfits, and just play around.

I love the way they act like a professional adult models, but it is so natural. Compare to adult lookbook, there no huge difference in the pattern and kind of apparels itself. We can find plaid, fur coat, sweatshirt, knitwear, and booties. Most of them are in monochrome colors such as black, gray, and white. Even there still other patterns and colors on this season.

I don't know, I just in love, their collection just so understand my self who love one-color-apparel and simple but classy.

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