Dec 15, 2013

Now what do you think about welding?

Welding is not a something new or innovation just now in industrial sector. It helps us to merge two or more materials. Obviously it has own detailing about the welding methods. Perhaps mostly people think that welding such a dangerous activities, and they never think to try it once. I can say that two opinions is true, welding is dangerous in case if you ignore the safety procedure. So there is nothing to afraid if you comply every single the required procedure.

I was afraid when my lecturer said that every student in the welding technology class had to do a laboratory activities, which was welding. Then after managed the laboratory schedule, my heart were beating at the first time the laboratory staff asked us to weld the betonizer  for making book shelf.

But now, I think it such a fascinating activities. We can really now in reality about the welding process, and it quite hard course. But everything in this world are hard enough before we learn detail about them. In the production laboratory, there are many activities at the same time, such as cutting out the materials, welding (include cleaning up slag), etc.

Several safety procedure are :

  1. Wearing the laboratory coat, safety shoes, and a petersham
  2. Binding your hair (for long hair only)
  3. Wearing safety welding helmet and gloves while welding
  4. More procedure according the activities you take

Actually I'm not a popular fashion blogger, and even I blogged about food and traveling, but people know me as a fashion blogger. Who said that a fashion blogger can't do welding? Now I'm prove it, yes in case it's not being a professional welder course.

So here a short video taken last Thursday, at least it was only taken once, so apologize for my bad English. I just feel that I'm better in writing than speaking, even in Bahasa Indonesia. And about the video editor, perhaps it's not something swag enough, because I did it in the middle of night, where I have slept almost all day long because of fever. Please give some comment about welding ?

Oh by the way, now I'm in love with almost song from Gaga's ARTPOP. They just fun, so do welding. Then I decided to combine them both on the video.




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