Dec 15, 2013

Almost two years for never stop falling in love

I don't know, but now I agree with the quote that Love is the way your heart fall at the same thing repeatedly. I own this court shoes for almost two years, in fact that I didn't wear it daily or every I went out for shopping or dinner, but I never bored. Back again to the time when the famous Louboutin's daffodile were being a trending topic in high street fashion. It was the beginning for pumps being popular so fast worldwide. And today it's not pumps again but a pointy shoes. Yes, I'm in love with that type too, even I only have it as a flat shoes, haven't really looking for the heels one.

But the point is this ZARA court shoe always cheer me up, and I think it so understanding by matching almost my entire outfits from casual, formal, even into party! This is crazy but recently I chose this lovely one for doing my outfit post. When you love something, it could make you crazier at least.

Here photos that unpublished yet, taken at last January. I was trying to match up this lovely shoes with formal attire. Then I chose an one color sleveles top, black bodycon skirt, and a blazer to make it looks formal but still chic.

Shoes - ZARA 



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