Sep 17, 2015

Trip to Balekambang Beach

A tiny island with a Hindu temple standing on it is named Moyo, where a bridge is connect it to closely beach named Bale Kambang. The beach itself is southern shore of Java island, so all the view around is directly to Indian Ocean. At the time I went there, it was so crowded of people perhaps because it is one of favorite destination for people who live in East Java. Actually, the beach was quite dirty. And beside the bridge that connects Moyo island and the beach, there was also another bridge that was broken. It connects the beach with another island. I hope that government especially the tourism department will pay more attention about this place. 

Around 3.45 pm surrounded by the direct view to Indian Ocean. My sunnies is from Calvin Klein.

The trip was started when me and my college-mates gathered around 6.30 am, and departed from Surabaya half an hour later. We had our breakfast at a traditional resto which sold Soto Madura. The route was Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Pandaan-Lawang-Malang-Gondang Legi-Balekambang.
The new opened highway road from boarderline of Surabaya and Sidoarjo is routed directly to Pandaan, which really helps us to manage time. So we didn't need crossing the traffic. The highway was surrounded by strato-volcanoes. It was so beautiful, and when we opened the car window, the air was so fresh.

Our car-mates minus Orlando. Left to right was Channing, Vinesia, me and Alif.

The street in Gondang Legi district was not that wide, so when two cars from opposite direction across, one have to stop and stay in the edge of street. The view was awesome! I was thinking that I want to spend time in village.

The gate of Bale Kambang beach in Southern Malang, East Java. The entrance ticket was IDR 10.000,-/person.

I was wearing my stripe loose top, dream catcher necklace that I bought in a indie expo, Calvin Klein sunnies (yes, wear it oftentimes since it's still my favorite, and I just still not enough yet), then semi-jeans chino pants that I bought in  a size bigger, because I want something a boyfriend jeans look but still skinny. No a kind of beach style, because that time I was sick, tired of many preparation for my graduation in upcoming week. But I tried to be happy, it was the great vacation with incredible friends.

Montchi on my hand!

A little #SELFIE won't hurt nobody!

Rino, Channing and Suryana.


Direct view to Indian Ocean.

The morning view of the beach. Oh I forgot to tell that we stayed a night. There were many cottages for rent IDR 250.000/night. And compare to facilities we got here and in Surabaya, it was quite expensive. No Air Conditioner, no television, and the bathroom water was a little salty.

The connection bridge at 10.12 am.

Apologise if the review is too simply, perhaps I'd update the story and fulfill with funny stories. I just a little bit sick when writing this post. And I just have to take more rest since this recent weeks I completely busy even I'm not a student again. My brother just go to uni this academic year, and I help him for his first year and task from his student council in his department.

Photos taken by Clara Yunita Hakara Warid, Vinesia Annisa, Made Lia Mertayukti and Zul Haris Olivianto.



Sep 9, 2015

Sky36 at Sumatera36 Apartment

It was weeks behind, I had a dinner with several friends at one of best famous rooftop restaurant named Sky36 which located at Jalan Sumatera, Surabaya. Actually, we supposedly had dinner at another place which was not a kind of 'fancy dinning' but that place was full, so we had to find another. Then here we came. That's the reason why I was dressing little bit casual.

 Their indoor space was not big as I expected, so did the outdoor.

Indoor space capture from outdoor space.

The city lights, skyscraper, great friends were a perfect combination. 

Spaghetti and Penne Aglio Olio Pepperoncino, where the pasta meet garlic, olive oil, basil, dry chilli and fried crispy mushroom. The taste was just so so, had not something wow. And the right plate was Orange Mascarpone Chicken Steak.

Italian pizza and Orange Mascarpone Chicken Steak.

Espresso Panna Cotta with lemon sauce and Earl Grey tea by TWG.
They also offered a set menu which can ordered without any reservation before.