Aug 30, 2013

Bakmi Gajah Mada

What else I got in Jakarta? Absolutely never skip the chance to enjoy this food. Being well known as Bakmi GM which short for Bakmi Gajah Mada. They have any kind of food on their menu, but my favorite is the original, one and only. Went to one of their outlets which located at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Level 3, and I also took my montchi there.

One of their corners with beach time theme.

Unfortunately they don't have any store here in Surabaya, only in Jakarta, Tanggerang and Bekasi. Find out their store here.



Aug 29, 2013

Recall the memories over the reef

Let just throwback to the time before I went to Cirebon, one of great time in hometown. Beach exploration, sun bathing, and spreading out the love. Yeah, I'm back again and again to this lovely place, Aan Cape beach in southern Lombok island. Course I was little bit bored, because there was no entertainment, resto, even the hotel. We can find them all in Kuta beach, the nearby place about 15 minutes drive from this beach. But I can't deny to stop falling in love for many times, like I bury a part of me there.

Perhaps many posts on this blog are discuss about this sweet Aan Cape beach which has already being popular worldwide, everybody love it much course. So that time I went there with several family relations, and it was such a great time. My aunt was doing her daily yoga, and she said the atmosphere even the scenery was breath taking.

Focused on the reef part at the right side of the beach, taking so many photos with several amateur photographer, it just photos for collecting as memories photos not for entertainment, thus we just did naturally without any photoshoot preparations.



Japanese Food : Yoshinoya

Another variety of Japanese food that I favorite much beside sushi are bento! Lunch box with salad and meat, chicken, or shrimp cook in Japanese way. They such quite popular for daily food, where we can get tempura, ebi furai, rice include the salad inside the box. And fresh cold ocha, the Japanese tea, could be give more satisfaction.

Visited Yoshinoya at Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 3A with my brother to solve our starving problem that night. The resto was so crowded and thanks God we got the table for having dinner there. They design their interior with the combination of modern and oriental. I think it's their biggest outlet in Jakarta compare to the space they have in other mall.

Their beef was so delicious, yes they use the US beef. Since I'm moving to Surabaya and go around for culinary hobby, I haven't found them here. Maybe in Indonesia we can find Yoshinoya in Jakarta only.



Aug 28, 2013

Jakarta's lights sparkling over the night

On my last holiday, I was visiting Jakarta for several days too, sure after done a journey in Cirebon. First we thought to stay few nights in Bandung, but this time we just let through it, in opinion that people from Jakarta will reach Bandung, and the city will so crowded. It was a perfect time to visit that capital city, no crowded as usual, because people back to their hometown outside Jakarta. Sometimes I feel there's no car on the street! And guess that the taxi fare just less than the usual! For you who want to enjoy Jakarta, the perfect time is on Eid holiday.

My favorite place to shop, culinary, and just sight seeing is Grand Indonesia which located at the heart of Jakarta. I came there for more than once, and shopped, shopped, till drop! Yeah I love rooftop in order to see the beautiful lights of the city sparkling over the night. And here what I've captured, The Jakarta's night from skybridge Grand Indonesia. The photo have published on my instagram.



Aug 27, 2013

Autumn has not coming yet

The outfit post that is taken in front of my cousin's private villa when I stayed in Cirebon weeks behind. The scenery was so amazing, also the atmosphere there, really makes your lungs breath in such good way of living.

Blazer - Gaudi Clothing
Top - The Excecutive
Pants - Stradivarius
Shoes - Everbest
Bag - ZARA

Aug 26, 2013

Cirebon's EB Batik Tradisional

Another batik paradise in Cirebon, EB Batik Tradisional, the center of Cirebon's handicraft, the famous place where people can find luxurious batik. Located in representative area at traditional center, Jalan Panembahan Utara No. 1 Plered, or about 3 km from down town.

They serve any kind of handmade batik and print combine with Cirebon's motif made from different fabrics such as cotton, china silk, organdy, chiffon, woven silk, etc. Many variant of goodies can be found here such as apparels, shoes, bag, necklace, and the fabrics itself, all are batik. The price so affordable and friendly with that good quality.

Several popular figures have already visited this place, even The President of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the First Lady, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono.

The classic interior mixed with modern style is designed nicely without leaving the national culture made me stay longer while shopping there.


They have special close space for The Premium Collection. There are fancy fabrics and dresses. The collection is made from high quality materials and excellent manufacture.

Of course the price is quite expensive, can reached million rupiah.
Visit their website by clicking here



Aug 25, 2013

Cirebon's Trusmi Batik Center

Batik such an icon of Indonesia's culture from thousand years behind. The natural heritage proven to the international for being such an amazing country with great heritage. Almost every district in Java have their own local Batik and pattern too. I'm so pleased to have a chance for visiting one which located in Cirebon, a small town northern West Java province.

That day, I was visiting one of biggest Batik centers that is Batik Trusmi located at Jalan Trusmi no. 148 Plered. About half an hour drive from the down town.

Handmade Batik with beautiful pattern.

We can find apparels or even the fabric there.

Fancy batik clothes, so adorable.

A funny choco box that I found on their cashier table! I didn't bring them home because I eat choco less now.

Batik and batik, old heritage, and still dazzle people by now.
Visit their website by clicking here



Aug 24, 2013

Traditional Food : Cirebon's Nasi Jamblang

Named Nasi Jamblang, at least I don't know the history but I never forget for it. Nasi Jamblang can be found in Cirebon only. Went a restaurant at the down town, Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur, quite famous there. To introduce you what is this food, perhaps I can describe it as rice which wrapped by teak leaves and eat with other side dish such as Pepes Ayam, Ikan Rajungan, and so on. I hoped I got their omelette, but when I reached there, it was vice versa. Ya because I was came about 9 pm with cousins. So I just got the rest of side dish, and that what I eat, enough for feeding my tummy.



Aug 17, 2013

Traditional Food : Cirebon's Palimanan Resto

Here I pick some my favorite traditional food that I found in Cirebon, which will be separated to different post each. Cirebon is a small town northern West Java province. There are a Sundaness restaurant located at Jalan Cirebon - Kuningan named Palimanan, actually in suburb area. This three floor resto is so crowded with people almost entire day. Costumers said that the taste was delicious depends on affordable price compare to others Sundaness resto. 

Special Sunda's fried chicken, Ayam Goreng.

The fresh veggie, mostly Sundaness people eat these veggie with the other main course, some kind of tradition. That green little bubble called leunca , tasted so weird, I don't know why people love that thing.

Acar bawang. The combination between cucumber, onions, and chili with vinegar. 

Sambal ulek. Most district in Indonesia have their own one.

Es Kelapa Muda dengan gula merah, fresh coconut with brown sugar.

Sometimes we need to consume our local food rather than western one, to know much about culture and traditions.



Aug 14, 2013

Holiday Summary mid-2013 : Cirebon

So glad to be back hometown and finally get in touch again with my love, to blog again! Yes, I'm with my notebook again now after been separated for holiday in two weeks. Unfortunately, I share it only on my instagram, because blogging is nothing without this notebook, and I literally comfort by using this only. I feel so tired and perhaps should be a sleeping beauty days forward to refresh my body, uh uh uh. But inside my soul I got high satisfaction for past two weeks, thanks to mommy and daddy at least, also the entire family too.
The reason why Eid-holiday is such a perfect time to have a holiday with whole family- yes, four of us, mom, dad, me and a brother- is just because in Indonesia Eid-holiday is one of their national holidays and it is quite long compare to other holiday. So we have many time to discover this lovely Indonesia.

It was the end of July when I had a flight to Bandung from Lombok International Airport. I chose black leathers for my daily which are mom old purse and the shopper bag from ZARA.
I'm in love with black for every time like it the partner of mine in whole life.

The sky was so blue and it was sunny. So we didn't have to worry with the weather that day. There's no direct flight of LOP - BDO, so we got transit in Bali about an hour, and I brought montchi.

And we arrived at Husein Sastranegara airport. Welcome Bandung! The airport was so tiny and crowded when we reached there, some flights arrived without enough facilities for the passengers. Hopefully the government notice it and do some renovation, because it's public place.

Then we went to a cousin's private villa in Cirebon, a small town in northern West Java. And we spent almost a week there. Bandung was so full and I needed fresh air, such a great decision to spend times in Cirebon, because that villa has a good atmosphere. 

Guest room.

Dining room and a small kitchen.

Living room.

One of the bedrooms. I'm totally in love with the dog on the wall, remind me to the famous Givenchy sweatshirt.

The corner at the balcony.

One of culture that famous in Cirebon is the Batik Tulis and their batik's pattern called mega mendung. I'll make a different post to write about it much.

The traditional food, ahhh I love it! The Sundaness traditional food for a dinner.

Jajanan khas Jawa Barat, yes both are their others traditional food. The left is kerupuk merah and the right is cireng. Honestly I prefer the pink one, and cireng was such have a weird taste.

Finally after craving for times, I got my Nasi Jamblang, special traditional food which found in Cirebon only. Thanks to my cousins, after I cried and he took me there one night. Unfortunately, the restaurant was getting to close, so the dishes were running out, and that was I got. 

Had a lunch or picnic time at Waduk Darma, about an hour drive from Cirebon. The wind blew so hard, and totally frezzingggg

Childhood such a wonderful time in human life, playing that bubble remind me of my childhood.

Night-out with cousins, and the younger also joined us too!

And mom have a same top with me in different color!

Kiddos kiddos! I was dressing so casual, just went out for buying some stuffs with kiddos and their mom. Oh I want babies, dying for it!

This how me and my little cousin don out our printed pants! Mine is Stradivarius and her is Gingersnap.

And good bye Cirebon! My last train travelling was two years behind, and I take airplane more often. So glad to use train again!

*fyi, I'll make posts to share about batik and traditional food! Wait for it :)