Aug 29, 2013

Japanese Food : Yoshinoya

Another variety of Japanese food that I favorite much beside sushi are bento! Lunch box with salad and meat, chicken, or shrimp cook in Japanese way. They such quite popular for daily food, where we can get tempura, ebi furai, rice include the salad inside the box. And fresh cold ocha, the Japanese tea, could be give more satisfaction.

Visited Yoshinoya at Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 3A with my brother to solve our starving problem that night. The resto was so crowded and thanks God we got the table for having dinner there. They design their interior with the combination of modern and oriental. I think it's their biggest outlet in Jakarta compare to the space they have in other mall.

Their beef was so delicious, yes they use the US beef. Since I'm moving to Surabaya and go around for culinary hobby, I haven't found them here. Maybe in Indonesia we can find Yoshinoya in Jakarta only.



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