Dec 8, 2015

Power of white.

ZARA shirt and jeans | GOSH t-strap sandals

As we all knew that Winter is coming, of course in four season countries, and it means that Christmas is near. Mostly places have already decorated their space in winter theme, like putting fake snowflakes, mistletoe, making their own Xmas tree and many more!
I was going out for lunch, and the weather was quite cloudy. I picked up my very simple attire like an oversized shirt with basic skinny jeans. Both were in white. I didn't mean to represent snow as it is winter or even Christmas, I just currently in love with something clean like white. Yes, if you read my post months behind, I was crazy with black then blue but this time is white. For sure those three are my favorite, sometimes grey included. This color is very simple but the strongest. It suitable for any occasions. Like it's easy adaptable with all conditions. At first I wanted to opt for heels but then ended up by opting for this t-strap sandals. I wanted to bring a casual look and very simple since it's only a dinner with friends.
Many of friends asked me about my hair. I brought messy for that look, just curled it and ruffled it using my hands. I keep my hair longer this time, even deep inside me I want to cut it in long bob style, but my boyfriend force me for longer one. And for makeup, smokey eye with glossy lip. As you see, my lip look thicker than usual.