May 29, 2012

Cloudless Stripes

Last Sunday, I spent my times with two siblings of mine. They came for business, some like a meeting and the other is just the work that I not really understand. We also did a very enjoyable hangout. Glad for me to meet them. I was wearing my strawberry stripes loose top, cyan silk skirt, and beige flat shoes. Absolutely, never forgot brought my adorable strawberry postman bag, the thing which I bring oftentimes to my campus. Bought this adorable sweet bag last year. Someday, a friend of mine just asked me "Clara, why your bag is in strawberry color?". My words are "I love it". That day, I feel so bright-full by wearing neon colors, cloudless me. And this weekend until next  next week gonna be a hard time and pretty busy for me. Huft!

May 25, 2012

Gossip Girl : Heart of GG

Blair : Love Me?
Chuck : Always

I loved Chuck for so long and he’s punished me for it. He ended up treating me like something he owned instead of something he earned
Blair Waldorf

It's true that Chair (Chuck and Blair) is The Heart of Gossip Girl, labeled it by People magazine. In every season, the romance between both Chuck and Blair is told. Sometimes they are being together with each other, but even sometimes they are far apart. Chair is my favorite couple in GG. And Chuck is so damn handsome. I love the way he say "I'm Chuck Bass", his voice and face is pretty stunning and hot. As the Queen Bee of The Upper East Sidder in Manhattan, Blair always looks fashionable. Her looks relative more feminine and girly. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick have played their role as Blair Waldorf and Charles Bass perfectly. Those are some my favorite photos of Blair and Chuck. Their really look so perfectly when standing each other side by side.
Nowadays, Gossip Girl is goes with 5 season, but hopefully it's not the end of GG yet. I'm still waiting for the next season. And perhaps it's too early for stop watching Chair.
Images : Many source using Google

May 21, 2012

Freaky Pretty Face

So I spent times with my bestiest, Julian Vica few days ago. We just hung out, dinner and then snap snap snap, taken lot of photograph of us using ipad. Going crazy and laugh. Some photos are show our freaky face, but I love them, pretty!
Those picture were taken at Sushi Tei Ciputra World.

May 17, 2012

Walking on Sunny Day

I can't deny that I really love something tropical. Brightly sun shines, tank top, short and hat.
The weather was so friendly. It was at a resort in Senggigi Beach Lombok on my mid-year vacation.
My very favorite vacation is spending much time in the beach, the atmosphere is always adorable.
Indonesia has so many gorgeous beaches, and in my thought the perfect time to enjoy it is in dry season.
I was wearing my stripes tank top paired with brown crochet vest, jeans short, and baby pink malindi crocs flat shoes. I bought this brown crochet at Senggigi Art Market, the price by request, quite cheap I thought. The bag is crochet too, but I bought it at an art shop in Bali. And white hat is my best friend's, it's crochet too. Oh la la, I really was wearing many crochet things.
So miss beach and all of inside it, please be hurry up holiday!

May 15, 2012

Black Frame Glasses

At least I have a problem with my eyes, both are minus, so that is my lovable daily glasses, one of Guess collection. The model is simple, not too much vintage like the 'nerd' glasses which have big lens, just black thick frame. Sometimes wearing it is totally fun.

May 3, 2012

Union Jack Pillow

I'm in love with union jack stuff.
I found this small pillow at Lee Cooper store, bought it and brought it home (: