Apr 21, 2013

Girl On Fire

Nikki Hayashi mini studio again! And I did a best friend photoshoot with my girl, Julian Vica.
We both donned brown apparel and some other simple stuffs. That was so crazy and fun of course. Anyway, mind to check out my instagram? Just go by click @clarayunita ! Follow me there (:

Happy Kartini day!

Every April 21th, Indonesian celebrating the Kartini Day, one of Indonesian hero. Her contribution in changes the society's stereotype in her era long times ago. She concerning about women emancipation, that's the reason why nowadays women have an equal level to receive the facilitates and right with the men. 

Happy Kartini day ladies!



Apparel on me and Feonita : One of Indonesia traditional clothes, Kebaya from Java. 

Apr 13, 2013

Charlotte Olympia F/W 2013 Fairy Tale Shoes

"Once upon a time, in far far away land, there lived a young girl with her vicious step-mother. Then one day later, she married a prince. And they both lived happily ever after. The end"

A very short fairy tale story, just synopsis about the general fairy tale. It lives in young girl's childhood. And now, it live again by Charlotte Dellal in her Charlotte Olympia F/W 2013 collection. I read many tales about an ordinary girl who meets the prince, then someday later they both live happily ever after. Even the tales with magical moment like a princess become a swan the she will turn back as a human when met her true love, or the frog who can eventually changes into a charming guy after kissing with a princess. That's what tales in my childhood. And I still believe about that fairy tales will come true, an ordinary girl will meets her real-life prince someday later. Like Blair Waldorf finally married her real-life prince, Chuck Bass, at Gossip Girl final episode on season finale. It told that she always dreaming about her real-life fairy tales, and she believe in it no matter what kind of situation and condition. 

So the fascinating point is the Fall/Winter Collection from Charlotte Olympia is inspired from several fairy tales, the story even the place like the dark forest. So what do you think? Here some shoes from the collection :

Sleeping Beauty Court Shoe

Timeless Court Shoe

Bear Necessities Shoe

Shadow Jenny Court Shoe

Kiss Me Quick! Shoe

Fashionably Late Slipper

Slepping Kitty

Darcy Ballerina Flat

Fonteyn Shoe

"and they say that the right shoes will take you to the right prince charming,
then you will live happily ever after together."

images : modaoperandi.com

Apr 12, 2013

Miranda Kerr for Mango Summer 2013

After two seasons with Kate Moss as its face, the Spanish retailer has released their Summer 2013 campaign starring a Victoria Secret angel's, Miranda Kerr.

The collection shows a clear influence from the Fashion Week catwalks, denim and lightweight knit, classic whites, tribal-inspired embellishments and animal print all making an appearance. Both, brand and model, are my favorite one. Mango's fabric on their apparels are really comfortable to wear, and the design generally is not too much pattern but they look gorgeous. When I knew that Miranda Kerr as their summer 2013 ad campaign's model, I was so glad. As you know, mostly people love Victoria Secret Fashion Show with their concept and of course their beautiful angels. And Miranda Kerr is my favorite, her face, hair and everything is enchant! That's why in my opinion this Mango summer ad campaign is completely dazzling even the concept and clothes are generally use one color or simple pattern.

images : thefashioninterview.com

Apr 5, 2013

Another chillin out with Miss Turner

 Had a short holiday, so this girl come back to town for days. Yovani Turner is one of fashion designer and make up artist who living in Singapore. And we had a good time to get crazy with her.

After a sushi-ing time while the waitress cleaned up the table.

My fabulous fashion-designer-cousin, Yovani Turner. So glad she back to town for days.

Vica donned her floral sheer shirt and Melina with her tribal jegging, they both wore the combination of baby pink and black items.

Melinda with her Yves Saint Laurent strawberry bag and Yovani with her Celine trapeze bag.

Feel that I'm updating this blog so often recently, share about culinary and hang out time although there still several unfinished projects waiting. I just want to make this blog more difference than the usual and more about my girls, more about my daily life, and of course more about me.
That night I chose to get casual style, wore out my skinny jacket from Lee Cooper, bag from ALDO (ps many belonging so I need a big one to carry 'em) and shoes are Crocs. Sure I was crazy with that brand when I was in high school.

Apr 3, 2013

Kirkos Bar & Resto : The Outdoor / DJ Competion

Kirkos Bar & Restaurant again! It's another my favorite one to sit up and enjoy my dishes. I went there days ago with few friends to start the long weekend recently. That night the place was not quite full with costumers. And it was just perfect, because honestly I'm the one who avoid crowded wherever it is. Kirkos located at Ciputra World Surabaya level 4.

And for that night, we chose Kirkos's The Outdoor to listen the music directly and feel the rooftop atmosphere. Course with the DJ and band too.

The dirtiness after we finished our snacks. And New Yorker style pizza again, I don't know what poison they put inside, it just more than delicious. You can check out my instagram (@clarayunita) to see what it is look alike, really difference from Italian Pizza which shape is round.

GOOD NEWS for you who love to be a Disc Jockey a.k.a DJ, because there will be a

DJ COMPETITION held by Kirkos Bar & Restaurant!

For more information just please contact their Mr. Event Organizer by sending an email to agung.abdii@gmail.com. Don't miss this big chance, performance at one of Surabaya-ers most favorite spots, wherefore the winner will be offered a contract. So what are you waiting for? Contact them asap!