Jun 4, 2014

The answer

These weeks are really the busy time in this semester. So many projects before the exam coming. Less hang out or outfit hunting again. At least even for spending time sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee while reading fashion headline in the corner of coffee shop, I couldn't make it. And perhaps you all bored with my word 'busy' but it's okay. I'm not only share my thought in daily style or make up trend, but share some of my feeling too in order to give inspiration for people whose feel the same. People who give up in the middle of their struggle, people who love other than what they do daily, and who confuse what should they live their life.

As you know that I said 'busy' oftentimes about my school, the reality is like that. I can't deny and pretend that I'm totally happy or enjoy all lectures, I'm a normal human too. I can't do everything perfectly. But this time I'm happy with what I done. Some improvement in fashion career, stronger a bit, and try to not really care of everything which not give contribution to my life. Facing people with my heart, not reply them as what they do to me. Because I always remember when a friend said "I treat people because of God, no matter how bad what they do to me, I just remember God". So it's good to be good to people, everyone everywhere.

In this recent time, I have a motivational discussion with a friend about life. I don't know I just interest more about what is life should be or how to live the life, everything relate to "life". I open my mind a lot, realizing much, and getting the answers for all things I confusing before. One sentence that I decided to write on this post from that discussion is "I am doing anything which will be a blessing for other" Perhaps this a very great answer of a question; how to live the life. Very motivational and touching of course. 

Once I thought that perhaps that all are the answer from my prayer, God sent some incredible friends to motivate me. I was vulnerable, devastating, and they just come to support. They bring a hope into my life. And I feel better better and blessed. Thank you for everyone who supporting me, also to the hatter who always push me to be the better person.

And I don't want my readers boring with the words, so here I pick photos that I did for a local brand PITTA. I love their highwaist pants, the patterns, lining also the fabric. It was just fit perfect on my body since that I hard to find apparels on my size. They also have some casual collection which suitable to wear daily. And for their upcoming collection, there will be some fancy crop top in a set with midi skirt. So keep checking their instagram oftentimes!



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