Nov 16, 2012

Windows 8 Commercial Song : Everything at once

For you who haven't already watched the commercial ad of Windows 8 featuring Everything at once by Lenka, that is the video. The concept is a simple motion and there are many patters in black and white effect mixed with the performance of Windows 8 to introducing it excellence. And Lenka her self was wearing a fully pattern apparel.
The song is really fun, sure I can't deny that I'm in love with it at the first heard.

By the way, in that video, it's not full of Lenka's dance, it mixed with her live performance video. It's really hard to get the full version of her dancing, I've already browsing on youtube, and that's what I found. Not bad at all. And I also found a self-made video and it's sweet.

Hmm I think I'm a bit jealous with the coming up of Windows 8, my personal notebook is work with Windows 7, the commercial ad really interesting me.

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