Sep 20, 2012

Love for a Child

I don't know why but in last several days, I'm in love with old songs. Then I was looking for some old songs inside my notebook, until Jason Mraz's addicted me.Mr. A to Z , Waiting for My Rocket To Come, until We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. And several words from a song of him have a deep meaning, touching, and I can't find a word to describe it.
What about taking this empty cup and filling it upWith a little bit more of innocence, I haven't had enoughIt's probably because when you're youngIt's okay to be easily ignoredI'd love to believe it was all about love for a childIt was all about love(Love for a Child - Jason Mraz)
Those words really determine about the situation which is neglected, about the people who abandoned, about the other side in this hard life which is untouched. The young whose life is empty of love, especially love from their parents. Violence and bullying is near them. Frightened and starving in every second.We can find them everywhere near us, such as in traffic lights area, market, in front of shop's door and many more, but many of us just walk away even their eyes not look at them.Why don't we just bring joy into their life by doing favors for them?
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Sure, we need to do favor for them, The Gutter Child.Perhaps we can share our luck to them, giving love and stop pretending to not see them anymore.I realize that I haven't do much favor for people yet. Complaining about my unluckiness oftentimes, even hate my life sometimes, but it were big mistakes. My life is much better than them. And all I need to do now are thank and help each other.

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