Mar 13, 2013

Cotton Candy Hair of Nicki Minaj

A Trinidadian-born American rapper, Nicki Minaj with her other talents, singer-songwriter and television personality makes a dynamic revolution in the collaboration of music and fashion industry. Looks spectacular with her colorful and fun style. There are many neon colors spread out on hair style, clothes, and her make up. Course I can't deny that is youthful and free. Her stage hair style mostly unique by combining difference colors into a cotton candy hair. Here some my favorites :

Course it's a new innovation of a woman rapper with colorful look beside her singing talent. Standing with many colors on super-tan skin for a 30 years woman is a work which really need a big self confidence, and she have it! Nicki Minaj is one who dare to make a spectacular changes in fashion-music industry nowadays.

I am thinking of Harajuku styles which using many colors, abstract concept, and everything can donned. But this American rapper has her well-organized concept, mix the neon colors to look gorgeous. From head to toe, there are colors and colors, but everything combine each other for the spectacular Minaj.

Images from various source.

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