Mar 9, 2013

Beside sincerity and plain, it could be shades

A great moment is when someone stay and care about. The most influential person is just a person who no longer make a good perception explanation about perfection in term of any conditions and accept the dispiritedness by an open-minded thought to somebody. Harsh step instead to make a continuous movement about disconcerting point, but then a favor always come in the perfect time not the right time. Universe told they heart to succor. That's the reason destiny forgot to give a true sister, because we found best friend who is sister by heart even though not by blood.

photographer : Nikki Hayashi
editor : Clara Yunita
partner : Julian Vica
apparel : floral printed top - Rusty / black bodycon skirt - Gaudi / black mini dress - Forever 21
location : Nikky Hayashi's mini studio

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