Oct 9, 2015

Caturra Espreso

This coffee shop that has already been in my list to visit since their opening is named Caturra Espresso. Instagram really such a bomb nowadays. Many people post their experience while enjoy lunch or coffee time in here. That was made me curios about the actual condition of this place. So about a couple weeks behind, at weekend, I asked a friend to accompany me to visit there. So we both just spent our late afternoon at that 'most talked' place.
Located at Jalan Anjasmoro Surabaya (near Jalan Dipenogoro), it was on the backyard of a music school building. I thought the place was quite bigger, but when reached there, it was not as big as I thought.

Latte is one of my favorites, we ordered red velvet and taro.

It was on weekend, so the place was quite crowded. Some people did photoshoot in their backyard, some others took video about manual brewing coffee.

The interior was dominant by white.

My OOTD LOOK. I was wearing a top which called Baju Lumbung, a traditional clothing of Sasak tribe in Lombok island. Then paired it with light-blue gray boyfriend jeans and T-strap sandals. Indonesia has many tribes, but mostly people usually think that the way to represent their love to this nation is by wearing batik. In fact, there are so many others traditional clothing that can be opted.

So we didn't order any food because we had planned to have dinner at different place. The price for a cup of latte we ordered each IDR 38k before tax.



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