Nov 25, 2015

Neither caramel brown nor black.

Calvin Klein sunnies | Ghais pashmina | The Little Closet valara dress | Christian Siriano pointy shoes

As you notice that the current season is Fall, shown in many stores displaying their Fall Collection. Actually here in Indonesia, we don't have Fall season, but what just happen right now is Rainy season. The similarity between both seasons are lower temperature and windy days. So I pick up some tips to keep neither warm nor fashionable at same time for Indonesians and other two seasons countries.

  1. Wear Thick and Midi Apparels
    • First thing you should know is how your body feel to the temperatures around. If you think you'll get freezing, you should wearing thicker clothes and fully cover up your body like wearing long sweater, long pants, etc. But sometimes for whom wants to still look fashionable, choosing midi items is a good option. Whether it is a midi dress or midi skirt that paired with long top.
  2. Choose Neutral Colors; Black, Caramel, Brown, Cream, Grey
    • To keep yourself update with the current trends, opt the right colors of apparel is important. As you can see that many international brands choose neutral colors for their Fall collection. The colors itself represent the mother nature color when it comes to Fall. Opt for black, caramel, brown, cream and grey. White is also a neutral color, but it more represent Spring and Summer. So it's better to combine it with darker color rather than wearing top to toe in white only.
  3. Wear Booties or Pointy Shoes
    • From ankle boots to upper knee boots, will bring edgy look. But if you don't have any booties or even you're not like them, you can opt for pointy shoes. It's simple but bring more stylish effect than a pumps.
  4. Bring Jacket, Scarf, Pashmina
    • In case your apparels doesn't quite enough to keep you warn, you can bring jacket, scarf, and pashmina too. Opt for one of them or even combine them like wear a scarf inside a leather jacket without fasten the zipper until top.
  5. Prepare Folded Umbrella or Rainy Coat
    • Anticipate the sudden rain by preparing a folded umbrella and rainy coat, whatever you prefer. It's minimize the risk of getting wet.
And for me, I created this look by mix and match items on my closet. My dress is an A-line sleeveless midi dress in black, and I chose a pashmina to cover up my sleeves by tying it in front. The shoes is a pointy leopard heels from Christian Siriano while my sunnies is from Calvin Klein with dark brown lense. 



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