Jul 12, 2013


Being casual with feminine touchy look by adding a floppy hat. Honestly, sometimes I'm not comfort to wear a tee out without something feminine touch, it just too casual. Perhaps this time I come forth in different style. Instead there still be a little feminine touch, but for my style, I have two words to describe this style, very casual. As you knows, people still interested with boyish items, such as boyfriend denim, cap, military booties, and so on. Therefore I decided to pick one for me, and I looked for the booties like military or sneakers. But they just give a weird-look on me, till I found this cute shoes at Gosh store. Canvas shoes with medium heel, simply to bind, and comfort to wear daily. The most important thing is the shoe are compatible with my style. How about the toy? I just found all my old love boxes, and the telescope is my brother's. FYI that's really a real telescope for seeing the far object! This long holiday sometimes makes me bore, that's why I opened up my old toy boxes. Oh by the way, that tiny cute doraemon has own instagaram account, just click here.

Floppy Hat - LM for Hardware
T shirt - Jakarta Fair 2013 official merchandise
Hosiery - N.Y.L.A
Shoes - GOSH
Toy - random

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