Aug 13, 2015

Buro Bar at Society Complex

After a short holiday in my hometown, so I am back for another struggle here in the city of heroes-Surabaya. Well, still in holiday mood and really glad to meet my favorite friends here. During my four years study, I met so many boys and girls are minority there. So it is not a kind of something to hang out with boys without any girls.

Few days behind, perhaps some of you already know from my instagram that I went to this newly opened bar which located at Society Complex in Jalan Sumatera Surabaya. This place is still attract people attention recently. And they have a fine dining restaurant named 1903 and coffee shop named Historica, read my review here.

Well actually, that night I was coming just for having a good time with friends, not to review this place. But these photos are too cute to be skipped for. So apologize for the less photos about the place and the food. The lighting in their outdoor is really low, so it was hard to take great photos since the indoor was already full.

The pizza and snacks such as fries, tortilla, and burrito taste was quite good.

This mirror-mirror space is so fascinating, and the lighting also good enough for taking good pictures.

Blue is my favorite color, and black is a must. So I kept styling my self with that colors.

Left to right : Rino, Channing-whose real name is Hakara but he so similar with the famous Channing Tatum then I called him so,my self, and Abah whose face and body similar with the famous Indonesian's singer Tulus.

And last weekend, still as you seen on my instagram, that I explore East Java! Not all interesting spot, but some of them. Will write about that journey soon.



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