Jan 22, 2013

This Start

As usual, since I became an institute undergraduate student, every holiday I spent at my hometown. Choose a date, book a flight, pack up my items, and finally touch down the beautiful island. It’s such a wonderful thing now, my holiday is a very-holiday, a kind of holidays that people mostly wishing. Totally different from years behind. My hometown start to attract world attention then become one of world most favorites destination. Who don’t love beach so dying hard? The beach with a magnificent God creature. They said it’s a real-life paradise.

Looking back to years behind, I usually spent my holiday time to travel others destination with my family. And sometimes I miss that memories. It was the time to take me knows the world, learn about the urban planning, understand about the many types of people accent, and many more. The time to get knowledge. Sure they said that book is a window of the world, but sometimes we need to travel for making them clearly, find out the unfounded.

How about now? It’s changes. When I was busy with my exam, my family got their free time, then it comes the time they getting busy again with their business but I just got my holiday. What does it means? I should spent the holiday with my self and perhaps several friends who have it too.

What should I plan now? A wonderful a couple of weeks holiday schedule. But I don’t know it would come to reality or just an empty hope. I just landed here, and the weather was really so unfriendly, huge heavy rain with thunderstorm. I got sick with the doctor words which disallow me to eat some foods because of my organ still not quite strong. Then I found out a friend was not in healthy condition too, and there’s no new fascinating place to visit in this town, even I still think about my marks this semester “would they work together to result a good GPA for me?”

I am tired of the things which make me sick all the time. The things which couldn't cooperate with me. I just want them can pull together and result the everlasting happiness.

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