Jan 30, 2013

How Are You

Just a midnight browsing, as usual when I don't know what to do when bed time come along and my eyes still wide open. Reading my SHS-mate blog, and I found this poem, at least I don't know what kind of these words called exactly, poem, essay or a heart-note. And why I copy her into my blog is I want you guys know how beautiful it is, and really touching. I love the way she writing with heart, the way she choose the unusual words, for some people perhaps it's the first time to read the words.

"it has been so long that we have been too busy walking on our own path
do you still remember unresolved business that we left too far
our everyday were colored with too much discordia
break the excitence of us without any properly goodbye
i tried to catch you but its useless
you have been walked too far
i can't even catch your shadow
your world already dissapear from mine
and my live doesn't revolve around you any more
what an irony, remember how we had shared back then
we lived on the same land
stands under the same sky
breathe the same air
and share the same dream
but, you have choose your own path of life
i'm still here, looking at the blue sky
to you who stand up in place that i barely know
would you kind enough to remind me
at least a half in the way i secretly miss you
i know
i am not able to make you stay here at least until i aware
i am sorry i let the time erase half of you in my heart
i am sorry i stupid enough to let you replace me with someone else
we cant go back to we used to be as if the word “we” ever exist
tough it never exist
but at least reply me once
i just wanna know :
How Are You?"

After read it, my heart feel so dying, remember many people who came into my life, make an influential changes, and I miss them all. People who always play with me, share their laugh, tell about the sadness, and everything in my daily. Distance is one reason why we communicate seldom. Sometimes I wish that I still standing up in a dot and not moving in this circle of life. I wish I'm forever young, stay in high school era. But time always goes on, bring many changes. I try to consider choose a path which the righter than the other options. Sometimes I regret about this path but later I realize that God give me messages of life inside. There many reasons that universe hiding it, but they're also waiting to be found.
I miss you guys, even in my silence, I just want things go back as they used to be.

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