Feb 1, 2013

Self Inflicted

"I leave the gas on, walk the alleys in the dark. Sleep with the candles burning, I leave the door unlocked. I'm weaving a rope and running all the red lights. Did I get your attention? Cause I'm sending all the signs."
I feel so crazy with this Perry fever recently. When I was in Junior High School, that lyric was booming, and the singer, Katy Perry, was starting to reach the top of many music charts. And everyone started to love her much. 

Two tones; nude and navy blue. The reason why I chose both colors for this outfit photo shoot are nude is a color which is timeless and classic. Have you ever heard that nude-tone is old-fashioned? From a decade into the next one, this color also spreading the fashion world, donned by many world's most famous fashionistas, always breath-taking. And the another reason is the color blue is start to full-fill the runway in recent season. 

I was wearing only three items; shirt, starlet pants, and pumps. Two nude items paired with a navy blue item, so I could get the focus of my outfit on my starlet pants. And I wear this pumps oftentimes on my outfit post is because it's the shoes I love the most. By the way my hair looks like a little bit red-brown, in fact I never think to dye my hair, I keep it naturally. Perhaps it's not because my hair is dry enough, my mom said that I get this hair-color since I was born, a genetic factor (?)

Top - Marks & Spencer
Pants - MANGO
Shoes - ZARA

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