Feb 9, 2013

Gong Xi Fat Choi

Cheongsam gown, shanghai collar apparel, angpau, and the Chinese New Year  is coming!
And there are many wishes of mine for this year snake. I beg for a better life, prosperity, health and succeed of course.

clara and vica

When I was very young, I was so excited about the day. I got many ang pau from many members of family. But what I miss and always waiting for this event are the family gathering and the old chinese traditions which about ancestor and the after-life. This celebration really important to me, I can't skip it for any reason. There are joy and love that witch my heart. Sounds daft perhaps, but it's true. Family is everything precious.

Photographer : Nikki Hayashi
Bestie : Julian Vica
Apparel : Cheongsam Gown
Location : Nikki Hayashi's mini studio

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