Sep 8, 2013

Italian Lunch at Kafe Pisa

One afternoon, I had a short debate with a friend looked for what kind of food should be our lunch. In fact that I was drooling hard for the Italian pizza, we decided to find some at Kafe Pisa, an Italian cafe which located at Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo Surabaya, and just so close to my campus. 

Chose a table with a view to their garden and let sun shine directly to my face, I just felt so comfort with that. I love sunshine! That time, as we knew, the cafe was so crowded, people came to had their lunch too. That was the reason why I need to wait almost an hour for my dishes to come.

The beverages, Shangria Punch and Frapuccino Amareto.

A plate of pasta that we ordered, Ravioli Carne Funghi.

And the bigsize pizza, at least it was enough for 4 people, Pizza Bianconerri.

Explore their website to find where their closest outlet to you by clicking here , because there also outlets in other cities.



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