May 19, 2013

A little bit break, coffee, and tiny doll

Many projects deadline waiting recently. I was stopping work on my project to refresh mind with some photos snap shoot. And let me introduce my tiny doll named montchi, a Doraemon whose wearing a giraffe costume. Well, you see I went to a small coffee shop near my residence with a friend. The place was quite comfortable. Ordered the fruit punch and espresso, then start to work!

Then for the late afternoon dishes, I chose Farfale Mushroom Alfredo and Caramel Tea.

One of their frames on the wall. Simple.

A ship's hidrostatic curve, one of projects for naval architecture student. There also projects such as to make laboratory report, prepare for technoentrepreneurship presentation, etc.

Montchi say hello!

And thanks for acompanying me, this white note book has my secrets.

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