Jan 29, 2012


Jenica Susanto, one of my best friends, became an 18th girl the day before yesterday.

She's a fashionable, gorgeous, and have a wonderful smile =))
You can find her others look on www.lookbook.nu/jenicajenica

We're close since few years ago. 

And I have made an video for her with Evelyn few days before Jenica's 18th birthday came (when we became pretty mustache girls).

prettier, more gorgeous and keep in touch in fashion world! Jenica change the fashion world =))

Jan 18, 2012

Kate Spade Spring 2012

These are photos of Kate Spade Spring Collection.
Colorful and there's a mix of black and red. Both colors just like best friend. They are difference but when they come together, looks elegant and get along.
Bright colors always suitable for this season. Green, yellow, pink and orange show that spring is the time of sunshine after the winter end.
Kate Spade also design home furniture beside clothes.
You can find all of her collection on her website www.katespade.com

Inspired from Kate Spade Spring 2012 collection especially the mix of black and red, I and a friend of mine made a look by using our own clothes collection.

Black blazer with tank top as the inner and red bodycon skirt.

Red top and zebra pattern skirt.

images : private collection and gogirlmagz.com

Pretty Mustache

Yesterday, I went to my best friend house, named Evelyn. She just finished her study in Singapore, then she will enter Melbourne University. We did lot of fun things.
Smokey eyes, red lip (maybe it wasn't really red again when we took these photo), and mustache!
She drew it, and it's really look so cute even it's a mustache.  Pretty!

Her hair is so beautiful. Thick and Voluminous!

Do a crazy things with Evelyn is one of my precious pleasure :)

Jan 13, 2012

Keeping Smiling

We can make a little smile with our lips. Even it's only 'a little smile' , I believe it can bring happiness into this world. Spread out the fantasy colors of life by giving your simply smile to everybody.